silenceThe worry about not getting what you want, the fear about not being good enough, the constriction of holding on too tight, the immense struggle to get somewhere may appear. However, it is not appearing for anyone. The energy which thinks it’s experiencing this suffering does not exist, it is also just an appearance. This isn’t a rejection. Nor is it a suppression or omission. It is just the description of what’s really, truly happening which is discomfort in the body-mind mechanism. It’s possible for the body and the mind to experience ease, relaxation.

There are a number of modalities and techniques that can help the person to find peace, feelings of love, connectedness, abundance etc. In fact, it’s encouraged that the person live authentically to experience the health, vitality and pleasure that is possible in the experience. It’s a good idea for a person to improve their standard of living, develop positive relationships and cultivate a positive mindset. Life can be much more manageable, pleasant, easy. But, that energy that is seeking to experience the next wonderful experience, the next peace of mind and the next best case scenario is not who you are.

To believe that you are someone who lives in time, who has an allotted amount of years, who is always getting somewhere is to completely loose sight of what’s really happening and who you really are. It’s to live in an illusion. That energy that is trying to figure life out, the energy that you think you are, is just an appearance. Who is watching this energy? Who is listening to it? Who is really deciding what happens? Everything. Everything is watching itself happen, everything is listening to itself, everything is deciding. To believe that you made the choice, that you found what you were looking for, that you know where you’re going is a total lie. All of life made the choice, life isn’t looking for anything, life isn’t really moving, life is creating movement.

There is much room for the acquisition of these words and for their caging. The person will want to create a concept out of this, a recipe for life, the person will want to gain something here. What I am pointing to has nothing to do with thoughts and it can not be accessed with thoughts. In fact, this is about loss. This is about loosing everything you think you know. This is about dissolving. For most body-mind mechanisms the sense of self is so incredibly strong that the space in which this perception is appearing is completely missed and forgotten. What I am referring to is the space between your thoughts, the moment before an exhale or inhale, the sound of birds, the temperature of the tea, the cool air in the room, the hot water on skin, the thoughts about making lunch, the touch of another body.

I am referring to complete and total stillness in which life is happening HERE, NOW. But there is NO now. If there’s a now then there’s a not now. All that is, is always whatever is appearing, even if it’s seeking. This isn’t even about what’s happening or appearing this is about who is watching what’s happening. Who are you?

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