master1Most of us are noticing that we’re going through major life changes. This process is happening on an individual and universal level–as of course, we are all one. In oneness, all things connect to one another. Nothing can come from itself, which does not go back to itself. We come from one source, we exist in one source and we return to one source. The principle of oneness is deeply intertwined with the law of love, which considers that everything is moving into greater expansion of more love. Our only purpose is to unify with this process, so that we may achieve self-mastery or rather complete dominion over the physical reality through the law of love. The process takes many forms and is a unique and individual experience for all but, again, it drives everyone into one purpose.

The first step to coming into full self-mastery is dissolution. Once we’ve understood the basic concepts of non-resistance we enter a state of release. In this step we are no longer attached. We have completely released our need to control, become, fulfill, create and so forth. To clarify, self mastery is the ability to co-create with the universe CONSCIOUSLY, but, in dissolution we are only beginning to understand the vast laws of creation. Self mastery cannot be achieved without the dissolution of structure. In sum, at this phase the human has reduced themselves to zero or nothingness. This entire process is done consciously. We are active participants in our spiritual expansion towards deeper inner awakening. The universe is set up so brilliantly, that it will give you everything you need to experience to move into dissolution. Jobs, relationships, health, family and many other structures will be broken into to achieve this reduction.

The second step is integration. Once we have released our identity as the “me”, we are slowly moving into a greater embodiment of the “I Am”. We are becoming more conscious and aware of our language, behaviors, relationships, worldly issues. We are sensitive to the movement of time and space. This phase can be classified as the phase of the “sage” or silent observer. Our primary desires are to be alone, to meditate, to stay within. We have completely let go of our need to justify, perform and express. This state is anything but apathetic. It is a state of complete and total self-love.

Once we have gone through these first two steps in the process, we reach the third step: unification. As I mentioned, the process of self mastery is being done consciously. We are willing and active participants in the will of love. In unification we experience the embodiment of the divine reality. It is always a coming and a going, but we are in union with it regardless of its different forms and levels. This step can be best described as a coming back into oneself.

The last step of self mastery is becoming or embodiment. In this phase we emanate complete awareness and openness. We are merely allowing the creative principles to move through our consciousness. Our focus, actions, thoughts and entire beingness is of a completely different genetic make up. We have moved into our True selves and move much more slowly, delicately and fully. We make choices only based on the sacred presence of the “I am” and move energy only within the parameters of divine love.

It is important to know that these steps are really just one step. Existence is just happening. Nothing is really being done and nothing is left undone at the same time. The consciousness that the awakening to self-mastery cultivates is very fragile and very powerful. One is continually strengthening their focus and awareness as a devotion to this power. In sum, in this process where you put your attention is all that really matters and everything counts in this regard. The only reason that we would use a practice like Kundalini yoga or meditation is to maintain our focus on the “I am” or God. As we move deeper and more fully into self mastery, we hold the space of a creative universe. We understand that we can create anything we want. The energies of creation are neutral. As we put them into a structure, we create its imprint and make it true. We are only moving out of ourselves and back into ourselves in one continuous process.

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