loveAs we move forward into deeper levels of consciousness, more and more “junk” is going to be coming up for us. This is purely so that we can become aware of it and learn to transmute the lower frequencies into their higher counterparts. This process, ultimately, has only one purpose and that’s to increase the vibration of love on planet earth. As we are one energy, from one source–there is no separation between your healing and the healing of the universe. When we are able to release the debris and blocks from our consciousness, we are then most able to reveal our inner truth, our inner light and hold that space for all of life. In fact, individually, we are completely able to transform even the worst conditions on planet earth, to the degree that we are able to heal ourselves. Once we reconnect to source consciousness fully, we are not limited to what we can do, as we’ve now reintegrated ourselves with pure light at a genetic level. This means that the degree of light consciousness which you’re able to contain is the degree to which you are able to impact and transform not just your own life, but all of life. As you believe, so it shall be done.

This is only possible once we wholeheartedly and fully open ourselves to life…including all that junk that’s coming up for you. If you are reading this, you have already understood the principle of “goodness”, that life is inherently good. The next level of that is to transmute that which is bad, by unifying with it in love. This is not only one of the critical steps of alchemy, but it is also a process inherent to source, or creation. It is not possible for you to create any intended desire, if you do not open your heart, which is the gateway to accessing the light energy necessary for manifestation. Your heart cannot open if you are still engaging in behaviors that propagate regret, guilt, anger, stagnation, resentment, sadness, jealousy and so forth. The opening of the heart is the only way you will be able to contain the extremely high vibrational genetic light energy opening in your consciousness. This energy will penetrate all of us very deeply in 2015 and cause an absolute pulverization of structures not of pure love. This means if you are preforming work you’re not passionate about, engaged in relationships you are not passionate about, repeating old habits that do not serve your growth, consuming food, music, literature, movies, conversations and activities that do not express light and creativity, you will feel like you are slowly disappearing. These feelings will come in the form of blankness and apathy, anger and distaste, fear and paranoia and a general “shakiness”.

This is a very surface level overview of the current electromagnetic universal shifts being anchored in 2015. The deeper wisdom behind all of this comes forward through the actual desire and then the experience of giving love. NOT RECEIVING. Giving and receiving are one. In true source consciousness you cannot use the law of attraction to benefit yourself and manifest for yourself, for under the law of love and oneness your understanding of the interconnectedness of life, makes giving incessant. You cannot breathe without understanding, feeling and empathizing with all of life. Your devotion to all of existence is so consuming, that you are not worried about petty things like paying bills, finding a soul mate, living your “life purpose”. Existence at this level is a pure beingness, a pure expression of love in all forms. It is a complete attunement to source energy, where you are creating for the creator and thus, all of creation.

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