winterIt is wintertime. People should sleep more, rest more, love more. They should create space. The great spirit of winter asks us to purify, simplify and eliminate waste. Just like the clean white snow covers all of life in a blanket of rest, we too must be at rest now. Listening, not speaking. Staying, not leaving. Being still, not moving. Going deep within to our thoughts, to their source, meditating.

While we go within and contemplate, we notice that this space being created is very natural. It is so beautiful. We’ve planted many seeds this year and they will indeed come to flourish with the new solar year, but now is not the time to be active, to push through the soil. That energy is now over and we must concede to it’s depth.

This going within period is so important, because we must process our experiences, assimilate our lessons, put to rest that which has died in this year. In our pure state, like innocent children, we are more beautiful, more fertile, more at peace. This is a state of complete and total non-resistance. And I mean absolute and full stillness in every way, shape and form: in our jobs, homes, social lives, internally, in our thoughts, feelings. We must give up here, to go within, to nurture, to be with ourselves, to be with our eternal inner flame.

The true sage knows that rest is more important than activity. We must be like silent watchers of the night, observing, realizing that everything in life is on pause right now. Again, it is the spirit of the osprey: the silent observer, gathering her resources in preparation for the time of kill, which has not yet arrived. While we build up this reserve energy, this strength through love, we are being reprogrammed at a cellular level so that we can keep going when the time comes to move. This is important so that we navigate and are motivated from a deep inner source and not from a surface level.

In sum, I ask my readers to check out of their life right now and to check in to something deeper. I am asking you to give up being a seeker so that you can be a seer. Do not want. Do not search. Be here. Do not even try to feel gratitude, forgiveness, productivity, do not struggle. As you find yourself in this stillness, resting and observing, you will soon notice that you have created space. Live in it. Merge with it. When you create space, you become open. And when we are open we merge with the love of the universe. We become free. We become whole.

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