When thought is taken to be who you are, there can only be peace with getting. In getting there is inevitably loss. Whatever can be gotten, will also be lost. There is no freedom in this getting. Thought is only interested in getting. Through the “getting game” it believes that it will make it home to peace, to love and to completion.

That which occurs once what is sought has been gotten is peace. But not the way peace was expected to be. It is not understood fully that the peace that has resulted from the “getting game” is actually what you are. Anytime peace is gotten in the external world of form – whether it’s a bike ride, lovemaking, a promotion, a conversation, an aha moment, a prayer – it will also then be lost.

The peace that you are is the peace that will never be lost.

It is the peace that needs not be sought. It was, is and always will be right here, once your thoughts stop.




It’s really that easy.
Just stop the thoughts, stop the getting, stop the seeking, stop the grasping, the holding on and the control, just stop for one moment. Just one moment is enough for you to see, to remember the peace that is never lost.

Coming back to the silence is a dropping away of that which has been covered it up. This silence cannot be found through thought. Your thoughts about what’s happening in your life right now, what happened in your life in the past, what might happen in the future, other people’s thoughts about your present,
past and future…all this thought is covering up the silence of your being.

Just stop.




Stop for long enough to remember that which doesn’t need to be fixed, or controlled, or understood. This remembering is all you need. This remembering is life itself. The grand mystery that is running this performance, this dance of “maya”. Maya appears in it, therefore it is also it.

This remembering will erase that which is doing the seeking. It will drive itself into the truth that it is. In story land, in time, this might take a moment or it might take years, but the silence will forever only want of it’s true nature, it’s very self, it’s very being, the love that it is, was and always will be – this unchanging, unmoving absoluteness that never needed you to change or to fix it. It just only ever wanted you to stop.

Don’t worry about what it took you to hear this message, whether you will “remember it, whether it will change anything.

Throw all that crap away and just stop.

This is your invitation, this is your own soul’s whisper, for you and I were never really two anyway.

This can be the end for you right now. Only ever, here. Here. In this moment. You can only stop right here.


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  1. Parvaneh Alipour says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful insight singing!
    “There is no freedom in this getting. Thought is only interested in getting. Through the “getting game” it believes that it will make it home to peace, to love and to completion.”

    Much LOVE,


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