serpentOnce one decides to live in oneness, the evidence of the yin and yang energies will become undeniable. The conscious human will need to learn to work within and evolve through these active and rest periods. As we go deep within to our souls to gather wisdom, clarity and healing, we will then be asked to come out of the nurturing seashells of the yin energy and into the big wide ocean to move within the ebb and flow of the tide. This active yang energy will then give us the opportunity to navigate and swim uncharted waters as we pull upon the wisdom we have gathered in our yin phase, or rest period, to sustain ourselves during these times of movement and change.

The most important thing I’d like to designate here before moving on, is that the yin and yang energies change in every single moment. While there are absolutely prolonged periods of each phase, it is the responsibility of the conscious human to decipher which phase they are entering at any given time. Now for a personal note.

After consciously choosing to enter a yin phase, I had to make many life changes to support this transition, all of which were related to work, my environment, my relationships and so forth. I made the decision that if I was entering a period of “The Hermit” to gather wisdom, guidance and clarity, it would require me to adjust my life during this time. And surely, this was an absolutely magical period in my life. While the isolation was scary and uncomfortable at first, it offered me a level of awareness that had not been known to me ever before. I came out of this phase with more to do items than I bargained for. Once I plug into the cosmic flow, the energy is so forward moving that I end up with ideas, dreams, goals and desires of the universe that fill pages. Instead of moving right into the yang energy and actualizing all my wisdom, I became paralyzed, like a drowning worm in a muddy puddle! Then, on top of that, this paralysis made me feel guilty that I was not “capable” or “strong enough” or “motivated and inspired” etc. Whew! This was not the blissed out, courageous and inspired me that I saw coming! What happened?!

It is with great humility that I offer my lesson to my readers today.

Every single moment has it’s own vibration. This moment, right here and right now, is the ONLY thing that is real. Everything else, everything on your to-do list, every desire, every idea is an illusion. As soon as you realize this, you will be free. I’m free because the future doesn’t have power over me – tainting me with what I don’t yet have and what might happen. The yin and yang only lives in the here and now and the very moment determines the flow of energy on a moment to moment basis. The yin and the yang come from beyond into the present. To flow with and in the yin and the yang, in the here and now, rather than against them brings one to their true calling. To check in with the here and now is to plug into the universe fully and completely. To plug back in to the universal flow, is to return to your oneness. To be aware of the universe is to be aware of your oneness with it. To be here and now is to be aware and thus to be a part of the universe. This unification is enough. It is the freedom, it is the union, it is the harmony and the balance of the yin and yang.

To understand this is to understand that all of your answers are living in the here and now. You don’t need your goals or your to-do lists. To be in harmony with your presence, your natural bodily rhythm in this moment is to be in harmony with the rhythm of the universe. The question to ask yourself is, “Am I feeling resistance in the present moment?” If you are not feeling peace in the here and now, you are at war with the present because you are not fully present! It is so easy to let our stories, our desires, our goals catapult us out of the harmony of the here and now. If you are not at peace – give up. Turn off the music, the computer, the cell phone, the activity. Are you willing to be present completely, fully? Sit right where you are in this same spot for 1 hour. Choose to allow the present moment to to overtake you, to restore, to re-energize you. Detect the current vibration of the universe, which is living within you at this very moment. Anytime you do not feel peace, you must become present – then you will feel the presence. This is the only way. This is your answer.

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