leonardIt’s a beautiful morning and I’m standing in line at the juice bar. The young lady before me picked up her green drink and right as she’s about to walk away with it, it slips from her fingers and falls to the ground splattering all over the floor. She’s upset, humiliated and completely apologetic. I think she kept uttering “I’m sorry” for the next 5 minutes. The fellow working couldn’t care less. He felt bad, because she felt bad. I’m standing there thinking, “So what?!” When the guy remade her drink, she had her boyfriend hold it and refused to walk out with it.

This is a classic example of how our sense of “self” plays itself out. This sense of self cannot and will not ever accept it’s imperfection, ever trying to find it’s ideal. In it’s incompletion, it distances itself from the truth not willing to accept that it will never be that which it thinks it is, because what it is has nothing to do with thought.

Many times in non-duality people get caught in one of the three layers of what non-duality is referencing:

The First Level of Non-Duality
Nothing ever happened. There is only emptiness, everything belongs to this emptiness. Everything is in a continual and perpetual state of loss, back to it’s source which is complete stillness.

The Second Level of Non-Duality
Everything is love, happening as love, to love and because of love. There is an intimacy in oneness, an intimacy beyond what can be described as intimate. Since everything is ONE life, there could never be a wrongdoer and a right doer.

The Third Level Of Non-Duality
The human experience, the actual playing out of separation. With the knowing that one is divine, one still experiences and accepts fully and completely every aspect of their humanness, every flaw and imperfection.

Many non-dualists and buddhists prefer to use non duality to shut down their actual feelings of separation, not realizing that while they are awake, they are not necessarily liberated and that this liberation cannot ever be gotten to, as it is not attainable for an energy focused on attainment. Often times the spiritual community prefers to focus on the love level. This helps them to escape the flaws and the imperfection of the human experience. They do yoga, pray and meditate to become calmer, happier human beings chasing everlasting idealism, which is not attainable because it doesn’t exist. It is only imagined. Others stay in the human realm of separation and play out a multitude of conditioned functions. One of which may be shame, or guilt or of course fear.

I point to all three layers in this post, as they are not seperate. They are happening simultaneously. In seeking, even in the non dual community, it is easy to get lost here and loose what is being pointed to which is THIS. For persons deeply in the role of the seeker, to provide a teaching or a practice and a philosophy is to feed the seeker. And the seeker will want to seek, no matter what kind of truth shines for them. That which is seeking, will never want to stop the search, as it is the search itself.

Non-duality isn’t saying don’t be a better, kinder more loving person. Non duality has no recipe for anything. Non duality points only to THIS, it is ever and only pointing to THIS. The freedom of what is.

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  1. Chris says:

    Damn. This is the best post so far and I’ve enjoyed all of them. Isn’t Hitler a wrongdoer, though? I’m always confused about that. . .i also really like “awake but not liberated” that describes me pretty well (huh).


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