I AmThat which is real may or may not wake up within the person. The person is likely always looking for itself, for that which is real. As it opens up to itself – profoundly awake and aware, it is the most beautiful thing that it can witness, the waking up of itself. It rests as a profound love. It is extremely alive, present and free. Its purity is astounding for the person energy, the separate self.

While it can be said that it wants to make itself known and define itself, it would only do that as the person. However, it is not the person that awakens to it. The person will feel confusion, frustration and loss during the coming and the going of it’s true nature. The person desires love,because it desires itself which already is love, in love. However what it is, is completely empty. The emptiness is that which is called love. It clears and purifies through the power of love, of itself, which is entered through unification. Unification is the recognition of itself, which will immediately loosen the person energy and bring the person energy peace.

This is all just an appearance of the person having an experience. It is the person now that is trying to get somewhere and get something. Within this experience, the compulsive behaviors of the person will somewhat lessen and the person energy might weaken almost completely for some. Eventually, it’s true nature begins to take over either gradually or instantly and permanently. This is all still just an illusion in all that is, which is empty. This moving of itself, deeper and deeper into the infinite depths of nothingness and emptiness feels pleasurable as it is no longer separate from itself, which is what has caused the person energy suffering or unpleasant sensations in the body and feeling space. This occurrence of its recognition, unravels in the feeling space of the mind-body mechanism. The person recognizes it as pleasure and seeks it again and again, getting trapped in the chase, trying to get it, to get somewhere. The mind or person energy takes over and claims it. The person now tries to identify with it. This all occurs in the realm of the separate self. However, it is all occurring within itself, within the space of all that is, which is just what is. It is arising from what is – which is it.

The person wants t take credit for this, or for what is. The person cannot take credit for it, because the person is it, yet unaware of his own nature. What appears to be happening, is never really happening. All it’s formations arise and then fall again. It comes and goes like the day and night or seasons – yet it is void, timeless. It never came form anywhere and it is not trying to go anywhere. It can be said that it’s intention is love as it creates all these appearances out of itself, but this is just the separate self trying to claim it and give it meaning. It is the person that believes it is not already completely in love – in the midst of a great love affair – in every moment. The person will attempt to justify the forms of pain and pleasure to give them meaning – however, none of this is really happening. It is all just an appearance arising in what is.

This space is the liberation. The non-doingness, the nothingness is greatly profound, yet ordinary and simple. To experience it is to be with what is.

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