The OtherThis post is for anyone struggling with any kind of relationship issues, not necessarily romantic.

I will start off bluntly: If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. When I refer to God, I refer to an “Allness” and I refer to a “Goodness”. This means that the universe is love and that everything that is a part of it, is also love. Love, or goodness, is the fundamental infrastructure of existence. It is a part of every single person, every single cell, every single atom and even in every single object. The great mind that can align with this Truth, can find peace within any relationship, no matter how difficult.

What follows this Truth, is that all negative, difficult, fearful, power hungry, selfish etc. people are love. They are full of the same amount of love as you and as I and every single other person and creature in existence. There is no “bad” person. I’m sorry if I’ve disillusioned you and taken away your excuse to complain about, give your power away to and get angry with others–but any issues you are having with others lie within you, and you alone. This is partly due to the universe being a mirror of your inner reality, as we know that the law of attraction is a reflection of our subconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings. But allow me to discuss with you “The Other”, a concept presented by Jean Paul Sartre in his great existentialist classic “Being and Nothingness”. In sum, Sartre says that the other is you. To clarify further this idea, I will state that you will never, ever know a person truly, until you know yourself and until you know the other as God.

It is virtually impossible for you to see me as I am. You will only be able to see me as you think I am. The only way that you could manage to see who I am, is if you adapted the perspective of God and were able to see me as God sees me. This would require you to untie internal knots you have within yourself and any barriers to forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love. All relationship problems stem from one of two issues: The first is that you do not love yourself. The second is that you have not learned to love as God loves–unconditionally.

What good does it do for you to see people that disturb you, like Hitler, with hate? The hate is within you, because you hate. Now you are full of hate. Moreover, when you project a negative focus as such upon a person, place or creature, you are not viewing this extension of God (remember, “Allness”) as God views it: with unconditional love. Your job is to be able to see the person in your life that causes you distress, and in fact, all people that cause distress for you as a part of the universe that is embedded in a immaculate plan for goodness. This person’s behavior is here, by contrast and by the law of duality, to teach more love. Do you understand the profoundness of this concept? Of course it’s easy to love cute kittens and lovely people and beautiful things, blissful experiences, perfect beach sunsets, kindness etc. That’s not difficult. We love those things because they’re lovely. But you can’t grow and evolve your love this way and only look for the lovely.

We are blessed with difficult situations and negative people, because when we learn self mastery and open our hearts to the suffering of others, we have come into contact with the universe as it is, not as we want it to be. The universe is perfect. It needs no fixing. It needs to be no different. The universe is love.

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