rsz_movieAll suffering comes from wishing for something other than what is. What is, is that which is always being sought, but it’s too simple, too ordinary to be recognized. What is can never be got out of. That is why the energy suffers. What is, is the stillness behind what is writing these words, yet it is simultaneously that which is reading and writing them. Everything is happening and not happening at the same time. The happening is covering up the stillness, yet the stillness is causing the happening. This cannot be understood, this has absolutely nothing to do with a mental understanding of things, this can’t be thought into, because this is not thought, thought is just appearing in it.

Most people are using these words to cover up the stillness and their non-existence. The idea of sitting still, as nothing, with nothing is not pleasurable. They will have to be with their own death. Yet their death is the love. Going beyond the thought of a “you” is what is being sought. In this, there is no pleasure or pain, yet pleasure and pain are appearing. I’m not saying to not look for this and not to seek, this is the same as saying to seek. This is about whatever is happening, whatever is, whatever is appearing regardless of if it’s seeking or not.

Most times this feels like watching a movie. Occasionally, the energy will identify and then collapse back into stillness. But there isn’t an “I” doing these things, facilitating this collapse – it’s just happening, like the sunlight and the wind. In it’s desperate search to eradicate itself, which it can never do because it doesn’t exist, the “I” desperately seeks for it’s home. It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail, it will never make it home, because home is what it is, yet it is unaware of it’s true nature so it looks in the flow of things, in time in order to complete itself. In this search for completion are great measures towards seeking pleasure, which is mistook for happiness.

Happiness is the freedom of life just being as it is. This can be horrific. It can look like murder and rape, or it can be beautiful and look like friendship and success, but this is all ONE thing, ONE energy, ONE life doing this. Nobody is responsible for the appearances, nor is it possible to change, modify or control them. You have to be here. You have to be with what’s happening. But the thoughts will appear and drift in time, from past, to present and future. And the idea of an “I” getting something will arise and storyland will start. Yet, this is it. THIS.

The logical argument for the human is to say, “So, she’s saying there’s nothing I can do. I’m fucked.” No. This is pointing to stillness. This is saying there is no you. Or even better “She’s saying don’t do anything, just be a blob.” No. There is no you doing anything. “Oh, then I must try to be as present as possible, be here now, be here now.” No. There’s only this, whatever is happening is IT.

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