togethernessIf you feel anything other than love – then you’re not being present. To be present is to be free of any sense of resistance. It is a feeling of contentment. Contentment is a sign that you’re on the right path – at the right time. We know we are content because the emotion we feel is positive. That which creates a positive emotion for the body is authenticity, or knowing what is right for yourself. All this means is that you know how you honestly feel about something – whether it’s circumstances, a situation, a person, a place or anything! The only way one can have this honesty, or authenticity is through absolute presence, which is cutivated through the desire of the life within you that is aching to know what it is. It is this ONE life that drives the human out of suffering, pain or resistance. It is this one life that decides the degree of presence within you. To read this message is to already begin the energy necessary for the development of presence. To notice how the light shines through the trees, how the birds sing, the tone of voice people carry or any number of things in life happening is the release of this energy. This presence is what determines the quality of every cell in the physical body, and it is this presence which ultimately decides on it’s own expression.

Cells attest to the oneness which I refer to when I reference the ONE life, or awareness. Cells are the ultimate oneness, knowing intimately in their memory how to express perfect harmony purely by existing. We are made of a network, a community of cells. Our tissues, functions and organs are composed of cells, which determine the information the physical body receives and experiences. Presence creates a cohesive universe of cell activity, in which communication and information is being exchanged quickly, efficiently and in perfect unison. When we are present, we become aware that we must breathe to increase oxygen which creates new cells and triggers neurons to activate the appropriate nerves. We simultaneously become aware of Love or nonresistance. These nerves then send information throughout the body and help us to detect disharmony faster and also help us to decide what to do in order to come back into perfect balance. Most fascinating is that this is all just happening, purely because of life’s will to exist.

This is not a blog post about biology. Rather, I am expressing how energy works. An individual that has within their body an activation of a corrupted cellular network has become a match to such a corruption because of one primary energy: self hatred. If this sounds rather harsh, I’m happy to describe it in a more digestible manner: lack of self-love, selfishness, rejection of emotions, victimhood. In sum, this is the non-recognition of the one life, one love, one presence on a deep enough level that it is registered in the cellular memory. In other words, the ultimate realization has not been transmuted into embodiment. I’m not going to give you a recipe and tell you what to do, because this is energy that works as itself and for itself and it determines where it goes. One cannot have free will, because one does not exist outside of the ONE life that is expressing itself. It is this life that chooses to be drawn to presence or not. Now – back to the cells. As I mentioned, cells are programed for harmony and community. If an energy that is opposed to this nature is operating through the human body, it will pull the harmonious energy into itself. Like a black hole. It is the “Me” energy, which is only manifested in the separate self which believes itself to be insufficient, victimized, unworthy and so forth. This “Me” energy is most likely taking from others obsessively or rejecting something within itself intensely. In presence separation dissolves.

Let me repeat this:


I’m referring to an arresting presence. One that registers in every cell in the body, until nothing is left but absolute unification with all of life.

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