onePost self-realization nothing changes. While, awareness has become the primary force experiencing life, the person energy is still arising. During this process of waking up from “maya” or illusion, for some the experience is more gradual and less abrupt than for others; eventually a sort of stabilization of the recognition occurs. The person energy doesn’t necessarily immediately and fully collapse after the realization. This means that an individual sense of self continues to arise within the experience of what is happening. Yet, that which is true – awareness, or stillness, or nothingness, if you will, continues to “suck” the sense of self back into everything, into the love that it is.

This is an extremely odd experience for the person energy and to some extent it may doubt or discredit what has been experienced. None-the-less, none of this even matters, as it is only giving the appearance of happening, for what is, which is stillness, is always all there is. The weaker the sense of self gets, the softer the person energy becomes, loosing it’s harshness. The more the person energy is lessened, the greater and more deeply, space, or nothingness reveals itself as everything appearing as love. I don’t even mean events, or experiences, but rather the colors, the sounds, the sensations – absolutely everything!

Ultimately, when awareness becomes aware of itself there is no difference between that which one is aware of and that which one is. This becomes so strong, that like a wormhole, it sucks in and completely collapses the experience of a separate self. Before a full collapse, there is likely still the sense that one must do something, get somewhere, figure life out. There exists resistance such as contractions in the body or undesirable emotions. There does not yet exist a continual peace.

Once the identity as a separate person energy has begun the shift as a result of realization, a full collapse is inevitable. The way in which it happens, when and for how long is a total mystery and irrelevant at this point in the experience. It only matters still for the separate self: “When will I get there?” “When will I make it?” Since stillness is all there is, after realization, there seems to be a shift and what seems to be relevant is a more connected sense to life happening.

Everything and anything that is happening is love appearing. This realization transcends reality on all levels, or rather, that which has been perceived as reality. The seeker identity has been completely eradicated. I’m referring to the energy of a separate self that thinks it exists separate from all of life and separate from love. This energy of the separate self is still everything, no mater how it is experienced – within or with out, for what always is, is stillness, emptiness or nothing appearing as everything. The existence of a separate self, whether it is experienced or not, is no different than sunlight appearing, a breeze blowing, bugs crawling. It is still life happening as love. This is the most absolute, beautiful and ultimate realization, which can only come as a result of the death of a self that is separate from all of life.

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