jumpMost people actually believe there’s something better than what’s happening. They believe they can be a more peaceful person, more supreme, more truthful, less angry, less anxious, less aggressive. This is why they practice spirituality. But the freedom is actually always in what’s happening. It’s in the anger, the discontent, the argument, the loss. To think that there’s somewhere better to get to, is to chase the pleasure, to attempt to give the mind somewhere to get to, something to do.

Any spiritual practice is only for the mind. The truth of who you are will never be affected by more yoga, more meditation, more truth, more love. It’s beyond the mind.

Love is everything that’s happening. The mind can either be aware of it or not, but the freedom is unchanging. To believe that you can get to some state of supreme consciousness, some destination where you’re a better person, more spiritual, more connected is a complete illusion. There will never be anything outside of the love in whatever is happening.

Life is happening to itself as pure and complete love. The emotions that arise and result in a displeasurable experience like a disagreement, might cause the person to feel uncomfortable with themselves. Most likely a story will start “We’re incompatible”, “He’s trying to control me”, “She’s an angry person” “He has so many issues”. This is a deflection of one’s experience onto another person, but this is also a negation of the love that’s appearing. If an emotion or desire arose that was displeasurable or caused displeasure and an undesirable circumstance, it is your belief in separateness that resists what is happening. In reality, love is always expressing itself as everything.

Love is always there, in the space and emptiness, the vast freedom of whatever is appearing. The formations arise within the person, within the circumstance, within the experience and the story turns it into suffering. But in and of itself it was expressed and it’s over. It’s the story that’s holding on to a victim, someone better and someone worse, “She doesn’t listen to me.”, “He hurt my feelings”, “She doesn’t get it”, “There’s got to be something better than this pain”, “We don’t belong together” and so forth. All that ever happened is a feeling arose, then the feeling was expressed and thoughts arose around the feeling creating a story. The story is the suffering. But that feeling, in itself was and is always pure love. And after it arises it’s gone, back into the nothingness from which it came.

The person wants to give what’s appearing meaning. It wants to fix what happened, justify it, understand it. But to the love that’s appearing, none of this will ever matter. Society has been conditioned that love is pleasure. But the truth is there is nothing outside of love. All of it is love. How can there be anything outside of life happening, life appearing?

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