InfiniteThere ever only was just life. There never was a “You” experiencing life, separately. This is either heard or it isn’t. Life either wakes up to this realization or it doesn’t. At the same time, life is already awake to this realization. It is just focused on having an experience of a “You” existing in time. Eventually, it is possible that this contracted energy of a “You” will collapse – gradually, or instantly, upon the realization of it’s true self. In Truth, waking up to this doesn’t really matter. It is the separate self that wants something other than what is, not realizing that what is, is it. Who is the thinker?

The answer is everything. Everything is expressing through the physical mind and body mechanism. The entire mechanism is made of intelligence, and intelligence is functioning through it as intelligence. This intelligence is everything, everywhere. It is also the thoughts that arise – seemingly out of nowhere, and nothing. Before I began to type this blog post, a thought arose to speak on this subject. It came out of nowhere and nothing, it was registered as a desire and the functioning of writing about it appeared, just as these words are appearing. This is a message about loss. The loss of the separate self that believes itself to be a “doer”, “thinker”, “decision-maker”. There is NOT, never was and never could be a separate “You” living life, making choices, having independent thoughts and living life. There was only ever life happening to itself and by itself.

An energetic shift moving into this collapse registers as a liberating feeling in the body, a sort of a homecoming back to it’s true self. It’s an experience of remembrance and also one of loss. The period of loss is congruent with love. The loss is actually completely irrelevant, outside of life happening. Whether or not you loose your sense of separateness, doesn’t really matter because the separateness is still complete and utter love appearing. The contraction can be called story land, or illusion. This feeling of being separate and life happening to you and not as you is actually a total illusion, it only feels like you’re alone. It’s a total story that you exist – that you made a choice, that you are responsible for yourself and for life. All of life is dreaming you up and you are all of life. To hear this message, one might want to get something, get somewhere, become enlightened, free, free of suffering. Pain will still happen here, but it will happen as all of life. Life happening to life and not pain happening to you. Suffering is the you. You are the suffering. To believe that you exist is to suffer.

Pleasure is no different than the pain. The human’s entire life is structured around maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain. But the minute one believes they’ve gotten something, they begin to suffer because the nature of life is in the going of things just as it is in the coming of things. The seeker dies here. There is no one looking to go anywhere and get anything anymore, there is just life happening. In the collapse, there is no need to do anything. I’m not talking about passivity or laziness, I’m talking about loss. I’m referring to the release of an energy that believes life is happening separate from itself. There’s no “why” here. “Why” can never be answered, other than “For love”. Life is happening because it can, because it is in love. The loss of the self is talking about intimacy. It’s referring to the loss of a “me” and a “you” it is referring to a total love affair, completely pure and blameless. This is a simple message. Who are you when you are not thinking? You are just life happening. The rain falling, the desire for a cup of tea arising, the friend calling, the bug in the room crawling, the plane overhead flying – it’s all it – life, just happening.

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