It’s easy to hear this profound teaching: You are not your thoughts.

However, it’s actual registration in one’s awareness permanently shifts that which is experiencing life.

If you are not your thoughts, then who are you? What else is here?

Awakening is not the permanent turning off of thought. Thought is still experienced. If there are beliefs attached to the thoughts, the experiences can be much more intense.

Adyashanti says the most beautiful thing: “There is no such thing as a true belief.”

Once awareness EXPERIENCES that it is not thought, all beliefs become lies. The truth is continually seen in everything.

But it is being seen by an empty looking. The personal energy still arises in this empty looking and it is now being watched.

Most of the experiences of no thought result in an oscillation of energy. What has been seen cannot be unseen, yet the personal energy is still ironing out, acting out or playing out the dream. This period of oscillation can take years. But the most valuable and beautiful thing has already been done. There is no longer an experience of you, just the continual coming back to what is one’s true home: THIS.

THIS is so ordinary and so simple: the clock ticking, the car engine humming, the moving up the stairs, the pounding of the heart beat, the watching of the butterflies, the shifting weather, the feverish pitch of someone’s voice, the strong currents of energy, the insomnia, the tiredness….

This is always what was looked for.

In THIS there might be creativity, inspiration, productivity, wealth, romance…any myriad of pleasures. But the pleasures were never that which has been looked for.

In fact, what was looked for was loss.

Everything is in a continual state of loss. Everything is on it’s way out. This is the grand illusion directing this beautiful dream.

The suffering is mostly due to the fact that one is holding on to that which will inevitably be lost: the lover, the beautiful skin, the healthy lungs, the job, the conversation. This moment is continually on it’s way out. Nothing can be had here. It’s completely empty. It is full of emptiness.

What can be gotten here? Ironically, nothing. And nothing is always what was looked for in the search that led to suffering. The search that caused the control issues, the lies, the desperation, the stories, the strain and immense struggle to keep and maintain one’s structures of the dream.

It’s possible that the greater the suffering that is being experienced, the more likely one will be to seek out their true nature. But at the same token, everything is continually expressing your true nature in broad daylight. You are everything and your true nature never needed to be found. This was maybe only ever about a gentle remembering. A simple “Oh, yes. Aha!”

Life will continue to take everything from you. I’m sorry if this is a painful message, but it’s essence is a beautiful one. It’s essence is one that is whispering and calling for you to find that which is never lost, that which never changes. That which is untouchable by what others say, what others do, what you want, what you don’t want. Amidst this dance here it is: It’s THIS.

The bird song, the fly on the wall, the feel of the air on your skin, the parched lips, the embrace between a loved one.

If you’re here you’ll have to take it all. You can’t keep any of it out. That which you are is so full of love that it is able to contain everything. It has everything in it. It leaves nothing out.

If you are shutting life out in any way, you’ll miss what is right in front of you. In everything. It’s right here in your pushing. In your leaving, in your arriving.

Eventually every form must die. But that which you are is the only thing that can’t be lost. That which you are is that which contains death, yet it is also death.

I can’t write about this in any other most direct way. What is being said here is that you are EVERYTHING. This is the freedom. This is the love.


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