lightI have recently become attuned to an interesting phenomenon. As someone with a very busy schedule, I find myself often struggling with tiredness. In fact, I have become so fascinated by tiredness that I have also started observing this phenomenon in others. The reason I call “tiredness” a phenomenon, is because through the laws of the universe, energy is unlimited. So if we are energy, why are we experiencing tiredness?

Tiredness can manifest as more than just needing rest, it can be a feeling of stuckness, boredom, laziness and overall imbalance and stagnation. This is detrimental to the creative spirit. When we become deprived of energy, which is free and unbound life force or Chi that gets locked up within our bodies and within deep pockets of unconscious energy, it does not move freely and vigorously in its natural state throughout the body inspiring and motivating us to apply the creative principles of the universe.

Everything and anything, even the subtlest thought is a contributor to your tiredness. Allow me to explain. Energy takes on many forms. Most often I discuss dense energy and light energy. It is still one energy, but its form is dictated by its use. Anything that is dense: food, situations, conversations, environments, experiences, non-aware individuals, emotional upsets, negative thinking, driving, sitting indoors or in front of a monitor or screen, worry and stress will deplete your free energy field and make one tired. Ultimately the greatest and most destructive energy thief is fear. Fear beholds the greatest energy drain and the lowest vibration of all the densities. This free energy, or light energy, energy that is in its purest state, condenses and solidifies when it is not used properly. This happens as contractions in the cells, triggering weak nerve impulses throughout the spinal cord to the brain.

As we learn how to shift focus through mantra, affirmations, breathing and through the application of light energy on all levels, we deprogram the default neuropathways of density. In other words we return to high frequency energy levels, where the brain can send the correct nerve impulses and trigger positive cellular memories, creating more free energy that is not only replacing the density, but actually transmuting it.

If you understand this correctly, you now see that the conscious human carries the utmost responsibility. In self mastery, as the alchemist, we are fully responsible for developing thoughts, feelings, sensations, experiences, conversations, physical activities, relationships, work and so forth that are manifested and contained in pure love and light. In order to build upon love-consciousness, we must become a portal, a white column of light, a pathway between the heavens and the earth. It is through this column that the Kundalini travels freely, invigorating and energizing you at a physiological level.

A lack of energy is a very straightforward problem; it is the non-alignment of the conscious human. The greater one’s awareness becomes, the more sensitive one is and the more tired or sick one may get as the body flares up with density to purge it once and for all. In order to co-create a reality of complete union through love, one must access their unlimited energy source.


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