uprootingEverything that you are experiencing right now: your job, your relationships, your health has sprouted up from a seed of desire that you planted at some point in the past. This little seed had energy-your thoughts, making the plant or experience grow and come to fruition, into what is now your current reality. You may have nurtured the experience with loving, positive thoughts, altruistic intentions and created a high vibrational structure. You may have felt forced into an experience, because of limiting beliefs, almost always stemming from fear: I’m not good enough, I’m not loved, I’m not important etc. Either way, here you are: in your current reality having an experience.

My message today is about uprooting existing structures. We get attached to those amazing plants that flower, give us fruit, smell like heaven and taste wonderfully good! Or sometimes, these plants might be persistent weeds that we can’t get rid of no matter how many times we pull them out, they always grow back. Uprooting things means taking them out of your reality, completely. I’m going to teach you how to do that! Eventually, for every creation you’ve sowed, you will need to learn to let it go. Change of existing structures is an absolute necessity that is inherent in all of life and absolutely critical for new growth or rebirth. So, why is it that often times we feel so stuck and trapped? I’m not going to give you the easy answer, because everyone’s scenario is so unique. But what we all do have in common is that we have free will, and mostly we like to play it safe with our freedom. What we’re comfortable with, what we’re familiar with, what’s always worked for us are all lodestones that we come to rely on in our decision making process. Rarely does someone want to go for something unless they can predict or control the outcome. Unfortunately, that is a fear based mind-set. If you impress upon the universe a need for a certain outcome, you are telling it that you are afraid of something unpredictable or the unknown.

Our first clue that we live in a universe of co-creation is birth! It took many things to align for you to be born: your intention, timing, your parents etc, none of those things which you did on your own. The universe is going to continue creating itself through every possible avenue in existence and generating an interdependent framework that serves it’s desires, which in turn are your desires too. In order for you to steer the course of this energy, you have to learn to let go. You have to let go of struggling, forcing things to happen, holding on to stay safe, trying to control everyone’s behaviors and treatment of you. None of those things are conducive to you uprooting your plants that are ready to be pulled out from the earth, so that new seeds can be planted and grow. And it’s true, if you’re sitting there watering, nurturing and focusing on your one or two plants, you’re not planting new seeds! Before you know it all your opportunities and possibilities have been funneled into your one plant. As infinite creatures it is not natural, nor is it in your best interest to get stuck in or on one thing. You have to let go.

Letting go is the gateway to your “uprooting”. You have to be willing to take risks to move forward in the direction of your desires. Sometimes that means letting go of people you love, other times it means risking financial security, sometimes it means suffering for a while. But what I can tell you is that every time I have a setback with “Letters Healing Poverty”, or with anything actually, the next day I am met with so much more progress. In a way setbacks aren’t really setbacks, and darkness or the void is really where all the potential happens. Instead of getting stuck in your version of reality, don’t be afraid to walk through those dark corridors, because they eventually lead to a gateway of so much light: but you have to be willing to go into the unknown, you have to be willing to fail and you must be willing to leave everything behind. Uprooting yourself means moving forward despite of the unknown, despite of set backs and despite of your “readiness”. You’ll never be ready. Your desire is your moment. The minute it appears you are ready.

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