godessIn this age of awakening, many people who are on the spiritual path have one goal in mind: kundalini rising. Through this intentional and conscious process many physiological and emotional changes take place, often giving the individual just a taste of the euphoria and bliss that comes with spiritual awakening. The potency of the experience is widely documented, and many are after it like a drug. As seekers we are hungry for the “spiritual powers” that come along with the kundalini rising experience including psychic and manifestation abilities. Thus, we strive profoundly to practice love, kundalini yoga, tantra, energy work, mysticism, meditation etc, chasing the everlasting and infinite waterwell of God’s love. As we experience greater spiritual evolution we will be greatly challenged.

Kundalini awakening, for most people, is painful, difficult, confusing and frustrating. To be clear, it is the unification of the soul and physical body with it’s divine self. It is an absolute death and pulverization of existing structures on all levels. Your relationships, jobs, health, self-image, words, thoughts, emotions and pretty much everything will change. These changes are scary, drastic and catapult us heavily into fear to test and strengthen our trust in the divine love of the universe. Additionally, this process will give rise to many illusions of awakening. We will begin to feel the powerful light waves of energy in the body, so we will begin to think that we are evolving and that our kundalini has risen. However, unless you are living in a permanent state of love towards yourself, life and all living things, your kundalini rising is merely an illusion. This permanent state of love comes from WITHIN. It is the readiness of the soul to accept the divine mother flame. This is not something that can be forced through a practice, but rather through the conscious communion of yourself with your soul.

The degree to which your spiritual shakti,or divine mother, the feminine, serpent rises to unify and receive the light of the giving and penetrating masculine light of Spirit, is determined by the purity of your soul. The process of the Kundalini is designed to test your love of your creator. It is a completely pure, egoless process that only one who serves the divine in body, mind and spirit can experience. It is a process that moves through us in every single moment, asking us to upgrade our faith, devotion and the qualities of the divine feminine which are service, unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance and receptivity.

It is my personal advice that if you are on the path of Kundalini rising, that you release your attachments to any specific practice and spend time in deep communion with your soul. If you are excessively practicing Kundalini yoga or any other medium and not giving the energy time to integrate with the 3D and the various dark nights of the soul, that MUST be experienced, you are merely using your spiritual practice to find bliss and euphoria. It is in the purification and the release of this process, the allowing and receiving that the grace of the divine mother reveals herself.

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  1. Roman Zyck says:

    I have questions regarding the usual depths of revelation revealed to people…
    I have only recently come across this term, but have experienced it and have long associated a unifying principle allowing different faiths and cultures describe the same thing differently…

    I was a 18 year old athiest. So hung up on the discovering of more ‘hidden’ knowledge.
    Anyway, I was young and one of the people I was hanging out with … when I literally fell in love
    on a spiritual “First Sight” meaning essentially I heard everything SHE said and was taken out of MYSELF – young and confused, … This started everything,

    By the end of that year I had experienced a full awakening.
    3 days with only meditation for rest and no consumption of drugs, no unclean foods,
    then I spent 4 more days trying to maintain the feel of that current I was on…

    Essentially I had no guidance, came from being an athiest to someone who has in a way ‘met’ god

    Everyone turned on me claiming I was just gone nuts,

    The end result of those first 3 days was a realization lightning quick of, well, everything I had been working on before… An answer to a question, a feeling of the briefest shock, and then a purely CALM, (not empty, I own my thoughts when words are needed)

    I am 28 now and have lost most of what I was, and have continued the study of spirituality.
    I don’t know.


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