Most conflicts between humans are because one human wants something from the other human and isn’t getting it. Underneath the request “Do this” or “Do that” for me is a deeper, critical, primal or energetic need for either freedom, stability, love and acceptance, happiness and so forth.

Therefore one human is continually attempting to get one or more of these things from another human. If there is a dynamic where both humans intersect from a strong “wanting” energy, so for example: if you want stability and your partner wants love and acceptance the dynamic will go something like this,

“I will not give you love and acceptance, if you do not give me stability.” And then at the same token, the other person will play out “I will not give you stability, unless you give me love and acceptance.”

In most cases this becomes a strong energetic current between both parties and results in conflict. When there is conflict like this, both parties will be out of alignment with reality . Not being in alignment with reality results in seeking in order to get back to the truth, back to the reality, back to the love. So, it’s possible the partner will leave when this want is not being fulfilled. However, the seeking will not cease and be projected on to the next external thing that can provide the stability: another person, a job, money, a new home and so forth.

This dynamic is a result of conditioning and can be seen most clearly when one has woken up to the true nature of form. When it is truly seen that you and I are one, it can also be seen that I am only attempting to acquire something that I myself already possess, yet am not aware that I have.

Let’s continue with the example of stability.

One way to look at this is: Kate wants stability from herself. However, can Kate really give herself stability when the very nature of Kate is itself a fleeting and non fixed energy? In one moment, Kate may be able to provide stability for herself but what happens when she fails? What happens when she, like life, spontaneously shifts? Kate was never a fixed entity. There was never a consistent Kate. In fact, Kate was only ever an energy that appeared from a void of nothing and expressed a spontaneous array of likes, dislikes, talents and behaviours. Kate then was referred to as “Kate” and began to identify with these traits and the energy grew stronger until it began to “believe” that is was anything other than a complete and utter void.

I don’t mean to scare any readers with the word “void”, which in the non dual circles, acquires a reputation of referring to nothingness or death – terms, which in duality, create unease. What is referred to in the word “void” is flow.

Stability, like love and acceptance, can and will only ever be found in your own flow. But flow is not something that someone can cage or grasp and hold on to. For if something can be given, it can also be taken away. Therefore, that which is, was and always will be present is being sought. That which has been watching, listening.

Your true nature doesn’t want anything from this world, because it already has everything. It is everything! This silent, witnessing, this soft innocence, has always been waiting and watching for it’s energy to come back to itself which is everywhere and everything. This energy can never, ever take anything because it is continually always receiving purely by being a witness to life. It receives everything, just by it’s very existence, because it is everything! Once it is seen that you are everything, it is also simultaneously seen that your true home has never been left! It was always appearing in plain sight and the world of form or illusion actually made it possible for you to see yourself. It actually was never obstructing your true nature, it was only ever illuminating it.

What else could we want from this? What else could we possibly want when everything is had? This is bliss. This is complete and total fulfillment from which only giving can come. From this fulfillment, true giving just spontaneously arises. The giving of one’s true self. Giving which now, cannot want anything in return.

Flow is the spontaneous arising of every moment. That which you want is right here in this flow! It’s right HERE!!!!!!!

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