girlSelf realization is the realization of a no-self, and thus a realization of all of life. It is the work of complete grace, which is everything. It cannot be put into words as it is beyond feelings, or even experience. It is a deep and profound knowing of oneself by going beyond the self and thus into realization.

This oneness or nothingness, is so extremely child like. It is so pure, so innocent. It is so curious and so playful, it is beyond any creativity we know as creativity. It is completely neutral. It is nothing appearing as everything.

In essence, everything, every emotion, thought, experience, form that arises within you, as you, as outside of you – is it. IT feels everything, because it is everything. If it exists, it is it. It is completely, fully, boundlessly – all – absolutely everything. It is so, so pure.

This is absolute love. Beyond any sense of separateness is only love. You don’t need to go looking for it, know it, experience it or ever question it – it is THIS. It is you. It is everything. It is every, single, minuscule aspect of everything. There is nothing that is not it. Even the pimple I woke up with in the morning is it, the tea I just drank is it, the light outside is it, the conversations in my head are it.

How can you, ever, ever find something that is all? It’s so blatant, so ordinary, so obvious.

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