Everything we experience is attracted into our experience.

How are we attracting this?

Not by our thoughts. Our thoughts are secondary to our beliefs about ourselves. We allow ourselves to do what we believe. What we do attracts what we experience, NOT what we think.

Our beliefs about ourselves, therefore hold the key to understanding what it is that we are experiencing.

It is not possible for something to come into your life if it doesn’t hold the predominant vibration of your psycho-electromagnetic field or your energy as a whole.

While our energies are complex fields that are made up of everything we’ve come into contact with and everything that we are, everything we’ve come into contact with has always been vibrating at the frequency of our “self”, what we believe we are.

What’s most interesting here, is that while we can hold and create a different vibration by focusing on our desires and wants, we will ultimately then will only attract what we want, but not what we are. What we attract is then held in the cage of what we “think” we want.

This may be controversial when looked at through the spiritual understanding of “what you are is love.” You may think “Well if what I am is love, why am I not attracting what I love, because what I love is what I want.”

The truth is that what you love, is what you are.

Do you do what you love?

Or are you in conflict with what you love?

When you do what you love, you can then attract what you want. Simply taking in information and utilizing affirmations, will actually keep you away from what it is you want, which is what you are.

In order to be in full alignment with the love that you are, one must learn to go head-first, fully into that which they love.

When one is living their life through their love, it is then when they are attracting their rightful belongings, what they TRULY are, and not what they are as a result of environmental conditions, physical limitations or thinking patterns, and also not what they “think” they want.

The truth is that we must go beyond all those limitations, to experience the fullness of the freedom that non-duality is referring to.

Yes, we are love and we are free. That is the Truth. But how does this love and freedom express when it is not confined by anything?

Simply put: it follows what it loves, or what it is attracted to, without any blockages or perceived obstacles. It shifts with the ebb and flow of what it is attracted to at any given moment.

If you don’t know what that is for yourself, it’s because of one of two reasons.

Firstly, you’ve likely spent years following that which was untrue, so you’ve lost touch with your essence. Implement a practice called listening or meditation. This “receiving” energy is internal and not external like “getting” or going after something. A recieving energy can be compared to a letting go, a pause, stillness or surrender. Let what needs to come up in this space come up so that it can clear out. This can be confusing and messy, but ultimately it is an intelligent process of consciousness that I refer to as “emotional composting.” It gives rise to new life, new desires, and new shifts that are much more authentic and in alignment with the Truth of the person.

Another reason, one may not know what it is that they love or are attracted to is because they give up in the “emotional composting” phase and get stuck. This is when the discomfort of emptiness prevents the person from patiently integrating the mass shift in consciousness. This is when the person is confronted with negativity, separation, fear of death and ultimately facing questions like, “Can I truly let go and allow myself to perish?”.

What you are, is what you love.

This means that, yes, you are getting to know yourself all over again. You may have spent 10, 30, or 60 years in an identity and you think you’ve got it all figured out – your likes and dislikes. Awakening puts this to the test throwing you full force into a real confrontation with your thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and actions. This process is actually extremely subtle and NOT self-evident and one will go years without having any clue of what is actually going on, until one day they wake up and they realize that something they once loved or did, is no longer an attractive force. Moreover, key habits, beliefs, and behaviors become less and less important as to why they’re happening and one is not wondering how one must fix them, and whether they’re the reason one is not getting what they want. One may initially think they’re sabotaging themselves, made a mistake, or are failing in the awakening process. These are all workings of the mind. In reality, the Self had never made an error and everything was perfectly on target – transforming perfectly all along!

Waking up, enlightenment, the dropping of the personal self, ultimately, goes unnoticed. The shifts are so subtle and so quiet that one really has no footing here and no clue of what’s going on and why it’s happening, or whether anything is really happening in the first place. Enlightenment is a quiet process happening on an energetic level. This is why it can’t be seen or understood or figured out. Furthermore, it’s not that one is gaining anything like liberation. Quite the opposite. One is actually losing everything. One is losing attachments, knowledge, beliefs, concepts, and ideas – until absolutely nothing is left. And that’s the truth: enlightenment is a loss process, not a getting process. Then what one is, which is love is all that is left. What you are, is what you love.

And this is the unknown that one must make peace with. We must acknowledge that we don’t know anything besides this moment. And that even this moment is a total mystery.

This is the freedom and also the love.

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  1. Rosh says:

    Wow Kate This is just magic awesome so profound
    Thank you so much
    May the universe bless you as always


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