seeNothing exists. Everything is nothing. And nothing is everything. There isn’t a you. The you that you believe to exist is an illusion. It feels real, because of the mind and body mechanism that allows you to feel the physical form and emotion. In reality, you or whatever you think to be you is just happening. Just like the sunrise is happening, just like me writing this post is happening, just like breathing is happening- sensations are just happening to something that you think is YOU.

If there is a you, where are you? When you are not thinking about being you, where do you go? You only exist as long as you are thinking about you. When you stop thinking the creation of you completely stops and looking just happens, breathing just happens, sensations just happen. The mere cultivation of a YOU cultivates a pursuit of itself. It chases that which it imagines isn’t already here.

The seeker has some sort of illusion that if they chase the here and now, they will get something. Consequently, we will now meditate to bring ourselves into something called the present moment, that we may not be where we’re already at – in the present moment.

We are a storyteller. In fact, everything you loose in your life, is just a story. Everything you gain in your life is also a story. The exists in memory of the past or in a dream for the future. This story will always be here. It is part of all that is. Awakening from the story, doesn’t give you a free ticket out of the story. All it does is it makes the story absurd. The story lives in time. You live in timelessness.

The story can be quite painful. It will feel like acid in your body. This is so beautiful. The pain is so fucking beautiful. It is aliveness. All of this is pure aliveness. Even when there isn’t pain, and there is just THIS – the clock ticking, the birds singing, the chair standing, this is still aliveness.

We do not exist. There is no “I”. There never was and there never will be. There is only THIS. The universe expressing itself as everything and nothing – intentionally. You as YOU are completely powerless and helpless. You do not have free choice or free will. I understand that this isn’t a popular message. However: you are – you exist. You are the ultimate ONE power of all that is. If you truly hear these words and are not merely reading them, then there is a profound peace. The you that has a plan, the you that is trying to get somewhere and be something is the ultimate illusion. It is complete and total suffering.

The universe is moving itself as a whole. It is an intelligence that knows beyond knowing where it is moving all of life. Everything that appears as “YOU”, your behaviors, your actions, your thoughts, preferences and ideas, is just happening to you. It is not an actual entity, it is all of life pervading itself as animation of what you think to be you. In reality, there is nothing you have ANY control over. God, or aliveness, is all there is.

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