good-enough-2This post today is for anyone that struggles with feelings of not being good enough. Maybe your parents wanted you to be something you never were and they didn’t approve of you. Maybe people you love, left your life. Maybe you’ve been fired from a job before. Maybe you set goals for yourself and don’t always meet them. Maybe you have been told that the way you do something is wrong and that there are improvements you should make. Maybe you have a dream inside of you and something you believe in and you are afraid of making it happen. Maybe you’ve been through some tough times in the past and you had to hide yourself away for a while. You are here. You are here, because you belong here.

My message to you today, is a message I received earlier form someone too and I am now passing it along. You are enough. You are good enough just as you are. Not only are you good enough, but your idea is good enough to change the world. Your skills are good enough to sustain all of your dreams. Your wisdom is good enough to guide you to exactly where you need to be. Your ilife experiences are enough to impact every single person in your life. Your behavior, your opinions, your choices, your feelings are VALID and BEAUTIFUL and you deserve and have every right in the world to experience everything just as it is for you. What you have and what you are, just as it is right here and right now as you’re reading this is GOOD ENOUGH.

You do not need more money, skills, experience, qualifications or permissions to be an important and critical part of life. The world wants you just as you are and it needs you just as you are, without a single addition or subtraction. It doesn’t need you to fix anything, to change anything. You are enough. Your vision is enough. Your love is enough. Your presence is enough.

If you are holding yourself back from something, because you’re waiting for someone else to help you or to be better, smarter, more beautiful, more wealthy, more inspired and motivated, more technically advanced, more peaceful, more kind – please rise up. Rise up – just as you are. I promise you you are good enough and that everything you have to offer, no matter what it is, is enough to heal the world.

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