They Put Me In a Cagesnake
With Pythons and Love Birds
Hungry and Thirsty
We Dwell
In Fascination
Drenched in Surrender
Feathers Flutter From
The Venomous Bites
Turn the Lights Off
For This Procession.
The Way Out
Is to Escape.
I’d Rather Be
Than Turn Away.
Eternal Phantasmagoria
Acquits Me From
The Gun Shots
And the War Planes
And the Pity
African Diamonds
Find Their Place
In Hearts
Souls are Bleeding
Sparkling and Shimmering
Consumption Leaves Me
The Black Tar
Fills My Water
And the Animals are
The Human Looses
But the Love Bird
Still Has Wings
And The Python
Still Sheds
It’s Skin
And a Mysterious
Still Fills Us All.