This question arises on behalf of that which is suffering. That which attempts to run away, get out of, or move away from suffering is that which is causing suffering.
Please read this again, slowly.

That which attempts to run away, get out of, or move away from suffering is that which is causing suffering.

Have you ever travelled to an impoverished third world country, where there is actual devastation on the physical level?
Or visited someone who’s been in prison for decades?
Or sat down with an abuse victim or drug addict?

There are different levels of human suffering..even those who seem to have everything they could ever dream of in terms of material fulfillment, can experience extreme forms of suffering.

But that which you are, has never, ever suffered.
It wasn’t dying of hunger.
It wasn’t imprisoned.
It wasn’t a victim.
It wasn’t dissatisfied.

What you are has never suffered.

So many times this question is asked, not because someone wants to be happy, but it’s asked, actually because someone wants to be free.

What you are is not dependent on you feeling good, or bad, or being rich, mentally healthy, or located in any particular place to experience freedom.

You are already free.

What you are is freedom.

What you are cannot be caged.
It cannot be controlled.
It cannot be modified.
It cannot suffer.

Hunger, imprisonment, injustice, dissatisfaction, or suffering may arise but it is not happening to you.
You did not cause it.
You’re not the reason your life is a mess, or that the body is ill, or things aren’t working out. You’re not the reason you’re broke, lost, depressed, or not where you thought you’d be in life.
Those things could never be anyone’s fault, because there isn’t anyone there that made any choices, and that could have any regrets about them.

Now, I’m not repeating non dual concepts to you. I’m directly pointing to the reality in which your suffering is arising in.

You did not choose to read these words. I did not choose to write them.

That simply happened.

You didn’t choose to begin suffering. So therefore, you cannot choose to end suffering.

But what CAN happen, is that there can be a recognition of the ground of Being upon which suffering is gliding on…coming and going.

There can be a seeing that suffering is not happening to anyone, that it is simply arising…out of no thing and into nothing.

There can be the falling away of that which is experiencing the suffering…and there could simply be suffering arising for non-one.
And if suffering is arising for no one then there perhaps may also be the recognition of a freedom that’s here, that’s always been here. That’s here right now.
And suffering can be what it is…
A simple movement, and shift of the illusory dream.

Yes, that can happen. But it wouldn’t give you anything.

Most people want to get something, more peace, more love, more pleasure, more awareness, more enlightenment etc..

Very few people want nothing. I’m not saying you should not want anything…this is a call to look into the origin of wanting until the wanting itself dissolves, and only what is, is left.

At first, what is may be unbearable.

But as we continue to return to what is, openly, the ground of Being can then continue to reveal its permeating presence, the substrate of freedom in every atom.

<3 Enjoy your awakening! Pay attention when you can. If not, just go with it. It’ll be OK.

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