creation2Do you believe that you are creating your reality? What does it mean to create? Are you fulfilled with your creations? How can I create more of what I love?

I’d like to answer the above questions in my post today. I wrote a blog earlier, about the purpose of creation. I suggest reading that post as well. Happiness is determined by the quality of our lives. Quality is a combination of awareness, gratitude and fulfilling natural urges. The most natural urge of the human is to love. To love is to create happiness. Are you with me?

Each human being possesses a unique individual expression of love as well as a universal expression. A unique expression is composed of your own personal passions and your truth. The universal expression of love is kindness and compassion. Both originate from creation-or rather, the intention of each living thing, including the universe (which is also a living thing, see Gaia theory here). Both the universal and the individual expression is truly just one reality; it is up to us to understand how both work together and to breach any separation between the two.

The universe will always have the primal urge to create or evolve; the human will also have the same urge, to move forward. The urge of a human desire, is no different than the urge of a seed planted in soil. Both the human desire and the seed contain the potential for love and joy. The seed will express this through continual evolution, through flowering and pollination. The human will express this need to evolve and create through various desires. Once we lose interest in one activity, person, behavior, habit and so forth-we move on to the next one. This is not to say we will not return to old desires or create new ones. It doesn’t matter if they are new or old- the point is they are always changing depending on the here and now. The truth is that this process is happening in every single moment. Everything is relative to what it is experiencing. We have an infinite array through which we express our desires and they are constantly changing. What you eat today, is not what you might want to eat tomorrow. Whom you connect with today, is not whom you’re interested in connecting with tomorrow. Everything is changing based on many factors, some biological (psychosomatic) and others purely artistic, based on the degree to which we want to express our emotions and feelings. One of the primary principles of creation is being fluid with every moment and staying present to what urges want to come through at a given moment.

Presence is critical to creation. Rather, presence is critical for heart-based creation. A heart based creation is the expression of the merge of individual and universal love. When we are acting on our urges, we are in alignment with the whole of creation. An urge, is the very beginning, or rather a birthing of creation itself. The greatest question then becomes: how do I know which urges to follow? This is important, because not all urges come from a true place. We are not always in a constant state of awareness, purity and love. As a result, we end up with some not-so desirable realities. Remember, dear friends, we are co-creating here on planet earth. We can only be responsible for our own intention. The rest of the world is playing with these powers as well, and sometimes we will be required to hold the space of love within an undesirable co-creation. So, how do we know which urges to follow, in order to continually create a heart based reality? The best answer for this is to do what brings us joy. And I’m not speaking of a quick fix, like a glass of wine or coffee. I mean: what action do you feel will immediately make you feel like you are connected to your feelings about a particular place, behavior, person, job or food?

Once we develop and train our internal compass to connect with things that feel good for our soul, we find more and more fulfillment in our lives. The answer to creating more of what you love in your life is to take action on your feelings. If something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it! This is how we honor our truth, but also the truth of the universe. Please remember that sometimes fear is difficult to overcome, but it always feels good to do something we’re afraid of. When you’re angry with someone, it can be so hard to pick up the phone and say “I love you”, but it always feels good to do so. We must strengthen the power of love in our life in order to weaken the power of fear. This is the answer to creating happiness, joy and love in our lives.

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