inner-anger-kriyaKundalini Yoga for Relieving Inner Anger

Sat Nam! Come join Kasia a KRI certified Kundalini Instructor, for January’s Kundalini classes. On Sunday, January 5th at 1:00pm, we will practice Kundalini Yoga to help relieve the inner anger that blocks our heart from experiencing love. The class will apply ancient yogic teachings, breath-work and inner sound currents to to relieve inner Anger, which comes from the place referred to as the Agan Granthi (a place from which all fire-related activities spring). It is the area of the heart, the blood, the circulation, digestion, breath, the diaphragm, the heart pumping and life depends on it!

In this 2 Hour Class Students Will:
* Explore a deep source of many problems related to: superiority complexes, manipulation, skin diseases, misbehavior, relationship turmoil.
* Balance the central system by pressurizing the navel
* Rejuvenate spinal nerves and circulate blood through spine and inner organs
* Strengthen the Agan Granthi center so that more inner love can be experienced

Purple Lotus Studio

13625 Adrian Street
Poway, CA 92064

Sunday, January 5th from 1pm-2:30pm