The primary function of the me energy and mind are time.

The me either replays the past, projects onto the future or uses the present or what is to separate itself.

When the me is seeking it believes it must disappear and that this disappearance must happen through a realization, or a knowing. It believes that this realization will free itself from itself and its functions.

This very belief stems from the functions themselves, and the me continues to misinterpret the reality that’s being pointed to.

Reality or it’s own disappearance then become a future event that’s awaited, and immediately becomes a part of the “me getting liberated” story. The me will then see this liberation story as a much more worthy cause than the love, career, health or money stories.

And that’s OK. This is neither right or wrong. This is simply a description of what might be happening.

So, the question arises: Does an event or realization need to happen in order for the me to have freedom?

In the apparent world of “me” – YES, OF COURSE! Because the ”me” is events, “me” is what’s happening. Therefore, it can only perceive of and understand the flow of that which comes and goes.

The me in a sense needs an event. Yet, an event changes nothing!

An event won’t give you, or me or anyone, true freedom, because freedom is just that – freedom!

True freedom is already all that is and all that could be.

The “me” cannot have freedom, because it’s not something that can be had, experienced or even described! In fact, non-duality can simply describe what freedom is not!

Freedom cannot be and is not known.

The mechanism of the “me” is knowing…knowing itself, knowing the past, knowing the future. What IS is outside of the bounds of knowing, what IS is outside of the me.

Yet, there is no REAL outside and inside at all! That actually collapses (in the story) and only what IS is left!

AND what IS, already IS!

What IS, never changes.

Therefore, in liberation NOTHING CHANGES!

This is the great AHA moment. That there never was anything to find, and nothing changes.

One can’t teach this, package it, sell it because it leaves you with nothing…and no one.


“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose, nothing don’t mean nothing honey – if it ain’t free, now, now!”

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