believeMy whole life, I’ve had to learn a hard lesson: What I focus on expands.

Regardless of what my desires are, if I’m focused on not having them, I will never achieve them! In the past few weeks I’ve had multiple conversations with people about creating the reality that they want. My boyfriend and I decided that we would test this theory that we are the creators of our own reality. We took 2 pieces of paper that morning and each drew something super random on them. I drew a baseball and he wrote “Belly Laughing” on his paper. I then said to him: “I’m going to see this baseball today. Not only am I going to see it, but I’m going to see it looking exactly like this!” I then described in detail the color of the ball. Paul confirmed that he too would manifest a great big belly laugh! We didn’t dwell too long on the things we wanted, but we definitely began to believe that we would see these things. Later that afternoon we went into the city and as we were parking the car, we realized that in the window of a Karate place was an Albino python. As Paul went to go look at the snake I realized he left the trunk open in the middle of the street. We have an ongoing laugh about locking the keys in the car, so when I ran to go close the trunk I peeked over my shoulder to see Paul jingling the keys with a big smile! We laughed straight from the belly! We continued our walk that afternoon through the streets of downtown and eventually found ourselves standing in front of a huge billboard with a baseball on it. Interestingly, the baseball was the exact same colors as the colors I had drawn in my picture. Our manifestations were instant!

The first step each of us had to take, is to admit to ourselves that we are creators. In fact, everything in your entire life is an extension and a manifestation of YOU. You are your thoughts. To believe in something or not to believe in something makes no difference to the universe. Your reality will continue to be a mirror of your thoughts and your focus. Just to prove to yourself that you are not powerless in this “big bad world”, I encourage you to try this exercise. Moreover, I also encourage you to find within yourself all the barriers that are blocking you from owning your reality. The sneaky thoughts, the negative self talk, the feelings of non-deserving or jealousy. Each time you look at something you want and have a negative feeling towards it, you are telling your subconscious that this thing is bad for you or that you do not deserve it. How much longer are you going to continue creating the reality you don’t want? Why not start using the impersonal law of the universe and manifesting the things you truly love? Your desires come from a very high vibrational state. This is because desires are based in your own growth and potential. The universe wants nothing more than for you to expand. When you tell the universe that your desire is not possible, you reject the whole purpose of creation…the entire intention of the universe which is expansion.

As we own our identity as a creator, we begin to experience more freedom and growth in our lives, enabling us to be happier people. Have fun with the universe, have fun with your life and see the possibilities of everything you want!

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