Animal spirit guides are sacred energies that carry specific messages. They are messengers for us, to help us when we have failed to see something that is continually attempting to move through us or when we are in need of a transformation and just can’t seem to do it on our own. We have many such guides at different points in our lives-some we are able to connect with at will, others make themselves known when our energies are receptive to the guide’s unique and specific energetic imprint. While I use the word “receptive”, it is more so to define a matchmaking, where your focus determines which particular guide you will attract into your experience. Many, many famous writers and thinkers have admitted contact with their spirit guides including Victor Hugo and Napoleon Hill. Some have been more discreet about their experiences, for example Bob Dylan, whose main guide was Arthur Rimbaud, the great French poet. Regardless of whether we are consciously interacting with these disembodied frequencies, which penetrate multiple dimensions, we may still notice a sudden idea, urge or overwhelming thought that originates, seemingly out of nowhere. The guidance that is meant to come to you will come forth, no matter if you’re aware of it or not. This is not to say all guidance originates from a “guide”. Specific guidance originates from a guide, while other influences come from subconscious, Karmic, the higher-self or from God itself among other influences.

Today I was visited by one of my very favorite guides: the osprey. I write this post for you today, to share the divine wisdom that has been brought forth. As I made my way out to the beach this early morning, I stopped dead in my tracks as I felt a hovering presence on a pole, by the river mouth. Sure enough, I looked up to see the great Sea Hawk perched a few feet away from me, waiting for the tide to bring in it’s breakfast. The wind blew around all of it’s white and silvery feathers, as it twirled it’s adept head 360 degrees to make eye contact with me. I was only a few feet away, but the bird seemingly unthreatened , returned right back to its task. I didn’t spend too much time with it and continued on my walk, silently asking him to be there on my way back. While I know that these birds of prey spend hours in one spot, waiting patiently for their kill, I was truly surprised to see him there an hour and a half later. He noticed me immediately. I thought I had scared him as he flew off and dipped into the waves, that ravished him. He flew up into the sky soaking wet, made a circle in the crisp air and came right back to his perch-disheveled, patient, ready. What a hunt I witnessed!

More importantly, he is here for all of us as a great teacher. He is here to give us lessons of precision, patience, fearlessness and royalty. As a predatory raptor, they are known as great warriors. Their strength, endurance and tirelessness are well known facets. He brings with himself the message of moving on from our distractions, our “stuckness”. He encourages us to progress towards our goals without ceasing, to look forward with killer insight, to merge and unify with our environment through our deep and penetrating awareness. The fish our dear friend was hungry for, is a symbol of the desires that your soul yearns for. He waits for his catch merging with everything around him tirelessly, until he is brought his reward, then it is up to his skill, his speed, his calculations, his strength and of course, how hungry he is to catch his prize. He does not give up, because then he won’t eat, he won’t be filled, he won’t have the strength to keep hunting, to keep waiting. His reward is also his energy in the great cycle of his life. This bird, the osprey does NOT compromise. He does not go to another area, after he misses his catch. He stays right where he is, trusting his navigation, his skill and the almighty ocean that never fails to deliver his meal. The osprey only lives to be about 20 years old. In his 20 years, he braves environmental challenges, but also the harsh conditions of the sea. With talons like fish hooks, he can dive from 200 feet up, hitting the water at about 40 miles an hour. This bird is the only raptor that will completely submerge in pursuit of prey.

The message I bring to you today, is to clear the debris in your life–the restlessness, discontent, distractions, attachments. What is trying to emerge in your life that you have refused? Cultivate a razor sharp focus on this deep desire of yours–more love, a project, a new job, a change…whatever your soul is hungry for. Wait patiently for the universe to show you signs and give you the all knowing intelligence of action. When the conditions are ripe strike! YOU are ready, YOU are skilled, YOU are fearless.

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  1. Lisa S Schwarz says:

    I love the way you articulate osprey medicine. It is BIG for me right now, out of the blue, but WOW. So I appreciate your putting this together.


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