You are the leading edge of consciousness.

You are the act of a continual awakening.

You are not “getting” liberated.

You are liberation itself.

You are this.

To compare your story or your awakening to that of some one else, is an aspect of seeking in the dream. You are not on a time line. You can not figure this mystery out with your mind.

You are the universe itself, emerging as this very moment.

Everything you’re looking for right now is RIGH HERE.

It’s here, in this leading edge…

And this leading edge can only be known as that which is unknowable.

RIGH HERE, it’s no longer about what you can “get” or “keep”.

On this path, at this level of consciousness, which is all there is, only aliveness, only presence, only electric and vibrant liberation which is unknowable and totally mysterious, illuminates all things, all forms.

Nothing can be wanted here anymore – because what it is that is wanted is already recognized as being had. It is what you are, and you are illuminating everything, all forms.

This is already known. Before you read these words, you already knew this.

It was always already known.

Awakening is simply a subtle remembering of this, of what is.

Satsang is this awakening, but so is a flower, or a piece of art, or anything that is made from complete and utter presence…is singing this remembering song.

Ask yourself: what would my life be like, what would happen to me, with more of this quality of presence? More peace? More love? More forgiveness?

On this path – stay, don’t run. Wait, don’t rush. Open, don’t close. Stay devoted, don’t quit. Give, don’t take. Surrender, don’t hold.

Only when control is released will presence begin to reveal itself as the illuminating force of everything.


Keep going.

This is real.

Even when you doubt the path, the truth will always be vibrant and alive. It is worth another step. Another moment…

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