liesThe winds of change are blowing in. New opportunities are arising. As we gear up for these changes, the guidance is all about being true to yourself as the truth is always the bearer of light and the only way for us to continue attracting experiences that are authentic and in alignment with all of life.

The areas in which we are still living a lie and believing in the illusions, taking them to be truths are the real reason behind the disruptions, delays and the general falling apart of things. 2017 is completely about the dropping away of illusions and taking off the masks that we’re wearing. Lies no longer work in our experience and the new solar opening is all about complete honesty and transparency in every single aspect of ones beingness, in ones existence. In fact, the more true and honest you are with yourself and with those in your life, them more honest you are in your very beingness, the quicker life will shift to support that within you which is true. This is a very simple message and love is the bottom line.

To move into and with this energy, we must continually ask ourselves “How Can I Live My Truth?” In this question, we’re able to honor how life is appearing and, again, if life is full of disruptions there is some sort of untruth, false belief or illusion which is causing this to happen. We can’t want things to be true when they aren’t and we have to be willing to see what is really, truly, at the heart of the matter happening. To see the truth, we must see through appearances and we can only do this through inner feeling and inner knowing. We must be willing to question anything and everything.

In this transparency everything is blatantly expressing that which is not in alignment with what’s true. Things that are not in alignment with what is true, have not been seen yet and are asking you to see through the illusion. Let me write that again: Things that are not in alignment with what is true, have not been seen yet and are asking you to see through the illusion. If it doesn’t feel right – it isn’t, plain and simple. As the truth becomes seen the appearances change. Like a bolt of lightening, that which seemed so true and so powerful, so daunting and intense, suddenly dissipates like specs of dust floating in the wind. This is it, that’s enough – but the truth must be seen.

As we end the year, we’re coming full circle. We’re completing a powerful journey. We’re ending the war we’re having with appearances. We’re realizing that there are billions of different truths expressing themselves through individual experiences and we’re realizing it’s impossible for life to fit into our ideals. In fact, we’re facing that it was never about life falling into our vision, but rather us falling into the vision that life is having. We’ve heard that we need to give up control, but only the most courageous will actually do it. Only those who are really, truly willing to see and face the truth will fall through. Here, we’re no longer interested in making things appear and disappear, rather we’re coming into the peace that life is. In fact, accepting what life wants will help you come full circle.

2017 will be all about enjoying life’s pleasures and luxuries, but not the way we’ve done so in the past, through material satisfaction. For we know deeply now that that was once one of the greatest dreams, the greatest lies. Material satisfaction is no longer treasured as a luxury, rather we’re after intimacy and special moments with human beings. That is now becoming the answer to our prayers. Material satisfaction and the seeking for objects no longer even brings us temporary joy. Rather, a love for life itself is driving the show.

These shifts in focus will begin to draw us more deeply into an artistic creativity and expanding outside of “the box”. We’re becoming more interested in having a variety of experiences and we’re beginning to see the vast opportunities that lie beyond the appearances. Transformation is at hand now that there is no longer seeking. Here we are leaving the old life behind. Old structures completely dissolve with this realization that they are not and never were real.

In fact, all paths lead to one place and come from one source. The energy of life itself is it and life is only about the experience that is being had. This experience can no longer be about going somewhere and having something as there is only the seeing, hearing and feeling of what is happening. In this space, there is a continual letting go, an undeniable death of every moment, of every experience. Nothing is solid, everything is disappearing and only love is left. Only the silent, still, peaceful awakeness. Can we allow ourselves to realize that the seeing through everything is completely empty? That the core is the starting point, the ending point and everything in between?

Nature continues to symbolize our return to our own nature: that which is watching the watcher. Death and life appearing and disappearing is the dance and timing ever only existed for that which was seeking. That within us that always knew the truth is waking up and we realize that there is only ever experience happening, and that this experience is the gateway into the seeing beyond appearances and illusions that have been mistaken for the truth. In fact, as we notice them we also see right into the cause of our suffering.

2017 will be calling us to make our way backwards. From seeing our illusions to seeing ourselves as the greatest illusion of them all. Undoing all the lies is the journey back home. Once we arrive, we’ll be most pleasantly surprised. We encounter our own child like innocence, our own playfulness. In fact, life, like a small child, only ever wanted to play. Seeing this innocence, means loosing our seriousness. Life was never serious, it was only ever the forgetting of our childlike nature that created this illusion. How did this happen?

As a child grows their innocence slowly becomes suppressed by the primary adults in their life and then society itself. As the parental figures raise their children, they raise their children into “adulthood” taking that childlike nature away. We learn to stop being “immature”, “irresponsible” and “bad”. As adults shame the child of it’s child like nature, children begin to see the remnants of their true self as shameful or flawed. Adults very quickly begin expecting their children to grow up and be serious, yet it is this very seriousness that has clouded our imagination and freedom. As adults, we now enter the “real world” of responsibility and a code of acceptable societal behaviors and manufactured identities to match the structures that continue upholding the lies.

But, dear ones, the uncovering of this and many other lies is a continual pathway that we shall walk this year in grace, humility and love, for in every moment things are not what they seem and we may be in the garden of eden without ever knowing it.

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  1. Chris says:

    I’ve tried the total honesty thing with others, it doesn’t work. People are so incredibly conditioned and expecting life to follow their conditioning that trying to break through it is usually a good way to alienate yourself and piss them off. Mostly people want complete positive feedback and to be agreed w when criticizing other. That’s how you make friends.


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