Non duality is not saying to be something, to not be something, to take action or not to, to make yourself feel better or not to. Non duality is not a recipe to improve your life. However, it may feel better to experience the recognition of what is, at the heart of the matter, being experienced or truly happening.

Non duality points to no filter. It points to absolute authenticity. It is the loss of an energy that is containing an “I”. The dropping away of the illusion that you exist, is a confrontation with a groundless, boundless, limitless presence. Yet, these are still just words that were constructed with language and concepts, underneath the reading and brain processes is a space in which this is all appearing. Yet, “you” could never recognize or see this, because there was never anybody there that could see it. You cannot look at it, because you are that which is doing the looking.

The object cannot exist without the subject, because the object is contained within the subject. To be seen, there must be something in which this seeing happens through. This is why you cannot find yourself, because you are that which is looking at yourself. To try to look for yourself, the divine, or God or whatever, is to experience the arising of thought.

There never was a you. You were never here. There was only ever a spontaneous expression of all of life.

Spiritual teachings around the law of attraction and oneness and self help are great! They will likely give you tools in which the body and mind can relax. This is a positive thing. However, for that which is interested in encountering the truth, you will find nothing here. IT will be completely boundless and mysterious, absolute uncertainty and total unknowing. This isn’t for everyone. Non duality is in fact an invitation into a death. But the mind says “Oh no, death is a terrible negative thing.” What this simple invitation is saying is that underneath your fear of death and of needing life to appear a certain way, there is an intimacy, a knowing, a dissolution that is more truer and more alive than any attempt at pleasure or gratification, or desperation for another day to keep seeking.

This invitation is not asking you to be or not to be anything. This invitation is the whisper of your true nature. That which is inviting you into it, is already here. It’’s right here. It’s THIS. THIS. THIS.

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