When the energy is contracted and feels separate, we don’t trust ourselves, our spirits, our life as a whole; we aren’t aware of a sense of power. We become afraid. We become beggars, looking to the outside for a sense of security, purpose, and leadership. We don’t know the answers, so we look to others who do; others who seem to “have it together.”

The truth is that the stillness of our being, the true power, has always been right where we are all along, but in the contracted state of separation, in this process of looking out, we project a sense of “power” onto the closest “authority” figure: a boss, spouse, government, parent. This seeking chips away at our sense of power bit by bit and this separateness begins to “demonize” this new authority figure. The false projection becomes a shadow. Anytime we are triggered emotionally is due to this shadow, which is the cloak of resistance. In this sense, resistance has so much potential to wake us up, to unveil the hidden truth! Every time we’re triggered we can celebrate “Another opportunity to be even freer than I already am…” Typically, when viewed through false lenses, this resistance creates a sense of loss, confusion and we begin to feel like we’re between a “rock and a hard place”.

In essence, this really isn’t a complicated problem. As we recognize what’s happening, understand why we don’t trust life and begin to surrender to our own desires and urges rather than shaming them and making them wrong, bit by bit and step by step we learn what true freedom is and how it creates personal freedom. We get a chance to re-emerge, like a baby taking its first steps after crawling for so long. As we take these first steps, we begin to learn about something that society is not set up to teach within communal structures like families, education systems, governments, and the corporate environment, which is inner authority or independence.

From the beginning of time, society (which is defined by relationships between individuals that share a distinctive culture or institution and gives rise to diverse religious, social and economic viewpoints) has been set up and conditioned for survival. For years ( “…human society could [have started] as recently as 7,000 years ago when we first started to employ agriculture as a primary method of obtaining food and started building large, permanent settlements or as far back as 2,000,000 billion years ago…” ) leadership has been propagated in order to sustain the survival of the human race. Authority figures began to emerge as a result of “superior genetics”: more resources, beautiful looks, more knowledge, education, etc, in order to maintain order or rules, and most often private agendas.

The shadow side of this is the arrival of a victim/perpetrator relationship, as various and distinct viewpoints begin to vie for recognition. In extreme cases, authority figures like governments begin to control societies through the public or private lives of citizens, domestic violence emerges or individual opinions are silenced for fear of condemnation because rules are not followed. What happens here? The obvious. People begin to reject their own independent needs, for the needs of the group. This, on some level, has been necessary, especially since the human is a unique species with mirror neurons, which give rise to empathy and compassion, other very important aspects of survival.

But now, as this is recognized and we begin to take our first steps towards the unknown territory of our wild souls, through a quiet and loving listening, we learn to stand again on the wings of the universe. As we rise up and stand, we slowly learn to walk and then eventually run! We become aware of our limitless and infinite freedom, unstoppable and whole. Only through the expression of the truth of our being can we truly serve the whole and assist with the survival of the human race.

So, as you read this, I hope that your being wakes up to its dreams and illusions that it is not free and powerful and justified in its’ wants and needs, and begins to dance and sing! We must remember that in truth, we were always one movement, one expression of love. There only ever was and is freedom, masked by diversity. It is when we look upon another that we unveil the truth. It is when we are able to look through the dream of separation that this dancing stillness, this beautiful freedom can emerge.

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