Jesus-ChristToday is Christmas. An international holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christ is a powerful archetype and symbol for the world. He is one of the greatest and most profound teachers ever to live on this planet. While religions claim he was not of this world, the controversy lies in the misconstruction of his teachings. Many religions are selective and exclusive. Followers must adhere to certain rituals to be considered worthy of his love. For many of these people Christ becomes an untouchable God, versus a poor man holding the greatest teaching in the history of life.They distance themselves from him by objectifying him as someone who must be worshiped. When Jesus said “Follow me.” He meant “Follow my teachings.”

“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you, and give away all your possessions.”

We are all born of spirit. It is not fair to claim that one person holds more of “God” in themselves than another. It’s true that certain human beings possess the power to transform and shift physical elements of this dimension. That was why Moses could part the seas, Jesus could walk on water, yogis can levitate and transmutation or alchemy is a widely practiced school of thought, moreover ALL humans posses the ability to heal their body and to heal the bodies of others. The problem is we’ve stopped thinking for ourselves and exploring the capacity of consciousness. Jesus’ teaching was so simple: Merge your mind with the mind of God-or love. “Christ Consciousness” is the concept that you are not separate from your source. It presupposes that if it is possible to attain a higher consciousness, then there too exists a lower one. As a Kundalini yogi, I know this to be a fact-that’s why I do yoga.

To be “in tune” with the universe or to possess full awareness is to enter one’s full capacity of a human mind. These are some key points:

1) What you focus on on is what exists.

2) Selfless service is the highest vibration.

3) There is a dimension beyond thought, that comes from the heart center.

4) YOU are a co-creator of your reality.

Why would you be a co-creator and not a creator? Even though we fight for freedom and independence, we are 100% co-dependent on our external reality. What this means is you create, through your intention, your experience then, in time, alchemical elements must shift and transcend boundaries to match up to your intention. The secret to create any outward physical reality that is aligned with what is best for you and best for humanity is: Love. When one feels absolute about something, absolutely nothing in the universe can prevent that thing from coming into existence. Your absoluteness can and will penetrate into reality even if the entire universe is against you, if you contain the powerful and all-encompassing energy of love towards the object, person or thing which you are aiming for. To feel love, one must enter Christ consciousness. This is a mindset of service, selflessness, non-attachment and faith.


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