vegetablesI had the pleasure of visiting my most sweetest friend this weekend. A strict vegetarian ever since I can remember, she was thoughtfully preparing our healthy veggie meal in the kitchen. I sat on her bright red leather couch, with her precious cat, staring out the window. Eventually, I began to watch an interesting scene unfold. A crown began to fly to the rooftop of my friend’s apartment building, picking apart various twigs and needles, stripping them from the rooftop and dropping them onto the rooftop across from the apartment building. After a while, I realized the crow was picking apart a bird’s nest. Birds were chirping noisily around this scene. After just a few seconds, the crow proudly carried a baby bird out of the nest and began to tear the little guy up with her beak. I sat at the window feeling very perplexed. “Katie!”, I said “There’s a crow that just pulled a baby bird from a nest and it’s shredding the bird up and eating it.” Katie won’t even walk through a meat aisle in a supermarket, so my exclamation did not warrant any replies, as she preferred to pretend the situation was not occurring. I couldn’t blame her!

A few different emotions were coming up in me. Firstly, I didn’t know how to feel about the situation. I was clearly watching the circle of life, but I couldn’t help but to feel wrong about what I saw. I felt sad for the baby bird and annoyed at the crow. However, I also realized that the crow needed to eat too. After a day and night passed, I began to see clearly the wisdom that the crow carried and I am happy to share it on the blog today.

Our planet is going through massive energetic upgrades as we ascend as a collective consciousness into a fifth dimensional reality. As our universe penetrates our energy bodies, and also our genetic make up, we are becoming programmed to take on a light body called the rainbow body. In order for this process to occur, the human will need to purge any false belief patterns and densities to fully embody their new upgrade of the energetic body. As a result many of us are going through all kinds of physical changes, as the body begins to process these higher vibrational frequencies. Many of us will be experiencing all kinds of ailments and flare ups from disease, rashes, headaches and an array of other physical disruptions as the body is purging densities in order to take on it’s new form. For some of us reading this, my blog might sound more like a sci fi scene. However, for those of us developing higher levels of awareness – this is not news, as we have been consciously co-creating a new earth and making many lifestyle changes to accommodate these new forms of consciousness. I mention this in almost every post: there is one mission here on earth under the law of oneness and this is greater expansion into universal love.

In order to accommodate this process, the human being will have to make many lifestyle and behavioral changes. This frightens a lot of people, as change threatens our comfort zones. We are called to be flexible and open minded at this time, so that we ca process these changes and move forward with the expansion of the universe. Here’s where the crow comes in. As a part of these huge shifts happening in our universe, the human race is becoming more conscious than ever before. We are no longer willing to accommodate structures based out of fear. This is why so many foundations based on theft, lies, greed and ego are failing. As human beings, we are distinct from the other species because of our consciousness. We are able to be conscious creators and live lives of self mastery. As conscious beings, we cannot continue supporting drastic diets that are polluting our earth and killing animals. If you are evolving exponentially into a light body, it will naturally NOT feel right for you to eat animals and you will NATURALLY want to move into a plant based diet.

A crow fulfills it’s own purpose in the animal kingdom. However, the human has a purpose greatly related to a conscious life and if we are not willing to adapt vegetarian or even better, vegan, diets we will suffer greatly in our bodies and in our lives. This doesn’t mean you have to make changes over night. Take your time to process what this means to you and make changes that feel right to you. For those of us concerned about the nutritional aspect of vegan diets, you might want to look into nutrients like nutritional yeast, tahini, lentils, walnuts, and other wonderful substitutes for animal product nutrients.

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  1. Lola Rose says:

    I love your bog on the crow, and encouraging us to pay attention to change and it what it means to each one of us. Vegan is more my style, as each day I make better conscious choices. Let’s do lunch soon, one of these days. Keep on Keepin On! Yogib B


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