spiralHow are you experiencing today’s world? Do you feel safe in it? Hopeful? At peace? When you learn that your water is fluoridated, when it becomes harder and harder to make eye contact with neighbors, when you observe more and more humans craving isolation, when you learn that there is radiation in your ocean, when you have to pay 10 times more money for food to prevent yourself from ingesting genetically modified ingredients, when the nation is struck with a pandemic, threats of nuclear warfare? The list goes on. How are you experiencing today’s world? Truly tune in to yourself and answer this question. Are you outraged, scared, restless, disappointed? If you are more afraid than in harmony with today’s world, guess what?? So is everyone else!

There is much unrest in our nation about the Ebola pandemic. Can you imagine what might happen? If the virus is not contained, flights will be shut down, grocery stores will close, we will be alienated in our homes from our communities, everyone will turn into a potential carrier of the virus, an enemy. This is not a farfetched scenario, but the purpose of today’s post is to explain the source of the virus.

Everything has a predominant thought pattern: you, your family unit, your home, your community, your town, city, nation and ultimately planet earth, as we are all one, all connected.  This thought pattern attracts to itself/manifests everything and anything that is just like it. This thought pattern can only originate from two pathways, one of love: evolution, healing, inspiration, compassion, faith and the one of fear: stagnation, sickness, selfishness, doubt. Neither is good or bad, BUT each stems from ONE root. This means that ultimately, we will return to that from which we came, whether we want to or not. Returning to our TRUE source is the goal of human life. We will learn about the force and the power of grace through everything we experience. These experiences are ones of love, as a result of the law of oneness.

As a human race, we have attracted Ebola into our experience due to the predominant consciousness of fear and alienation. Ebola is the physical imprint of the earth’s predominant consciousness. Those that contract the virus, are ultimately complete embodiments of this thought pattern. The extent to which the virus will spread, is the extent to which you continue to fear and focus on it’s impact. This virus, is essentially YOU! It is the part of you that is alienated and scared. When we value human life, we must value our source. This source, abstractly called love, contains within itself connectedness, compassion and peace. It is so beautiful that it has the power to immediately shift your entire existence/experience. A friend of mine said to me last night, “This is the most exciting time to be alive!” She’s right. It is time that we shed the old ways and embrace the new. It is time that we begin to love fully and completely all of human life more than ever before.

As human consciousness progresses, the capacity at which we use “thought” becomes greater and greater. We are becoming much more aware of how consciousness creates our experiences, and thus growing in our ability to use our personal power at an exponential rate. We are creating “experience” almost instantly since we are becoming more and more aware of our infinite potential. The force of the consciousness which we are using responds immediately to our awareness, ultimately giving us more and more unlimited potential to create the reality of our predominant vibrational pattern. This is an impersonal phenomenon, so ultimately, we get to choose how much love we experience or how much fear we experience. There is no such thing as “destiny”. Your destiny is only an immediate imprint of your predominant thought pattern. If you are able to change you thinking, you will change your experience…for better or for worse. This goes for all matters: health related concerns included.

Remember, just a drop of light is more powerful than an ocean of darkness. If you are one of the individuals experiencing unease and restlessness in today’s world, you must open your heart to the world. You must forgive people and yourself, you must trust that love is more powerful than fear, you must be compassionate towards all of life.


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