jon-lennonFor years on my spiritual path my teachers, friends and many awakened leaders would speak of a very abstract concept: Oneness. “We are all one…”, “We are all connected…, “The other person is you…”, blah, blah, blah. I got the point and I started to believe that indeed we were equals and not one person could truly be “better”, “greater than” or “more important” than another. The profoundness of this concept never resonated fully and I continued reprogramming my beliefs and using this oneness idea to justify others’ behaviors or my own perceptions of shortcomings. These teachings were just that to me-teachings. Words that I tried to embody and follow because I knew they were true. I didn’t yet experience (I repeat and emphasize EXPERIENCE) oneness, so it was not possible for me to open to that dimension of consciousness without experience, just like for many love, awareness, truth and so forth remain abstract concepts and teachings that are not being experienced at a deep granular level. To understand these profound concepts of such a grandeur magnitude requires grace.

Throughout the past few months I was practicing a meditation to work on childhood anger. During this sadhana that I took on, I began to experience major changes in my projects, my relationship, my family and generally in the way that I related to my time. My time had been dispersed into so many people, places, projects, ideas and desires. If my time was money, than my bank account was over drafted and I was operating on credit, buying stuff I totally did not need! Recently, I read an amazing blog post that explained that time does not exist, and that indeed all that time is, is the length of an emotion. Furthermore, in the time-space continuum, space is physical matter which is composed of time. Therefore, physical matter is just thought or consciousness. All in and of itself. But, this isn’t the idea of oneness that I want to reflect upon today. It’s much deeper than that.

In the midst of all these changes in my life, primarily spurred through my meditation, I experienced a very deep loss. Anytime our consciousness elevates or changes, the physical reality must by default shift and flux to meet the changes. Without getting into the details of the emotions and physical 3rd dimensional reality related to this loss, I cried deeply wanting a specific outcome from the situation. Seeing the error of my ways, I prayed asking the source of all to bring to me my hearts true desires in whatever form they had to be that was aligned in my best interest. I’m typically pretty balanced in terms of going with the flow with what the universe hands me-I like making lemonade out of lemons and don’t ever force a resolution to something. But in this case my pain was heart wrenching, my entire being was suffocating and I felt like everything I knew to be true was useless. So instead of sulking or ignoring my pain by going for a run, grabbing a snack, or even calling a friend I sat with it. In the silence of my room, I sat with the unpleasantness of where I was at, with the bitterness, with the sadness-and there was grace.

I realized that no matter what the outcome of the situation ends up being-whether I can meet the desire in my heart or not, the root of the matter is love. I realized that my experience of all of life is love. Nothing, no one, no event, person, circumstance or reality can be anything other than that which is intended for the highest good of all, of me. If all is love, then all is good. Where the pain and discontent come from is SEPARATION. The idea that something which you are NOT part of is against you. If we are all made of, a part of and resonating at our deepest core as love, then there is nothing that is outside of this love. Nothing you say, do, feel and are is anything other than love, no matter how horrible the fighting, how painful the poverty, how difficult the loss, how tragic all of life can be. It is not true what you see unless what you are seeing is love. There is nothing that can take you away from this beautiful source that is love, for you are it, you are of it. You are in the ONENESS of all of it. If you are suffering, you are in an illusion of separateness. You  must come back to your source, to your creator. All that you are should be directed into this oneness. Your home, your friends, your work, your day, your time, your feelings, your clothes, your activities, your emotions (even if they aren’t pleasant), your thoughts, your words, they stem from ONE source, the breathe, live, and have their being in the ONE true reality that contains only goodness. Be present with ONENESS. Do not, for a second, let go of this truth that you are experiencing love.

No longer seeing love as conditional, I knew that I could experience an unending stream of complete and powerful light waves or high vibrational energies of consciousness. I encourage you to step into this energy, to allow it to move into and through your life, transforming everything that it touches. Just BE, be in this ONENESS fully at all times.



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