Many beings are still living in the world of duality. Duality is the appearance which is still the primary experience of beings. There is a great push of ones energy into the containment of ones identity and also the identity of what the future should look like. Many have yet to anchor and appreciate pure beingness. Surely, we must listen to that which makes our hearts sing, yet we must also be willing to recognize that the heart and song are already you! You already know who you are. This is an immediate knowingness. This is the part of us that doesn’t question or make choices – it is the part that already is the answer and the choice. Yet, none-the-less all experiences are here to show you the vast aspects of yourself and we are continually dissolving and recreating ourselves, never fixed or solid for too long.

Mastery or truth-seeing comes through inner knowing. Inner knowing comes through giving space for the integration of experience. Every journey and every experience helps the Self to release the lies of what one is not, by allowing outdated patterns and aspects to arise. Neither good or bad, these programs or patters, allow us to enter into the void or the unknown, which is the true power and true nature of our beingness. Like a parabola, the initiate can now move out of the journey changed and inwardly enriched through all of life. What seemingly felt like a pointless or painful experience, has now proven to be the movement of our being into greater, deeper and more authentic levels of presence. This is a time of integration – a deep period of going in and integrating experiences so that more authentic expressions can be embodied. This is the END or completion of a journey . When one feels the zest and energy towards a certain experience wanning, the lack of inspiration or disinterest signals closure or completion, fully allowing gone to shift inwardly onto the inner plane.

“Two roads diverged into one and I, I took the one less traveled”

Choices no longer truly appear, but rather we are now revealing more and more of our own inner truth and nature. This isn’t a period of going into the known or familiar, for as we shed the old lies, we are also shedding old skins and false identities. As we register our own truth, choosing happens automatically. Moving into the new hasn’t yet developed it’s blueprint, or a neuro-pathway, so it feels threatening and many fears come up to keep us in the safe and the familiar world that we know. But lies will only feel good for so long before our restlessness or discontent sets in again. It’s really important to understand that harsh situations and substances interfere with our navigational capacities. They drain an abhorrent amount of energy that is actually there to be channeled into psychic insights that come through our intuition and awareness, often clouded. The powerful and potent frequencies of the eclipse season are here to be channeled, directed and released. This process is natural and shouldn’t be tedious or given too much energy, this is a natural, instant, immediate movement of energy.

As humans, we’re learning to find fulfillment in and of oneself, but this can only truly happen through the recognition that all is one.

By continuing on the path of least resistance, we’re allowing inner knowing to strengthen and continue to guide us into our own inner truth, into our authenticity. Stories that arrive in “time” of memories or hopes are just illusions. We mustn’t be afraid to change through entry into uncharted territories.

Another prominent theme for these eclipses is family, soul family, community, friendship. Deep connection and communion serves us and the universe at large, deeply. We are being invited to connect in new ways with loved ones. As we release ourselves from our own stories and lies, we’re also able to do the same for others. A return into communion is a return to the unconditional love that we are in truth. As we migrate and are drawn toward back into family, we’re able to re-enforce what’s no longer working for us or in our relationships and we’re invited to let our loved ones out of the prison of stories that we’ve kept them in. Alternatively, we’re also coming together with loved ones on a newly solidified ground of strength and commitment to our true nature. Having built strong foundations through the experience of our true nature, we’ve come together to share our gifts of strength and true power. Knowing one’s true nature means knowing ones place in life and as we fully accept and embody this new position with honor and grace, we no longer have to be beggars. We’re living our own life on our own terms, without the need for approval or recognition which truly is an achievement worth noting.

Many masculine or father issues will also be arising at this time. This points to issues with control and authority. This is a time to give up the search for what is “right”. We no longer need calculated behaviors to define how we get love from others. Status and rank can only exist for those that are attempting to contain an image of perfection in order to fulfill themselves with a love that they already are in nature. For those who’ve had rocky relationships with father figures, or authority in general, they’ll will need to understand, through inner knowing, that in order to bring the masculine and feminine back into balance (balance in expression, for in truth, all has always been and will be in harmony), the present moment must be completely absorbed in one’s awareness. We will notice that the feminine, or the presence that is, was and always will be right HERE and NOW. In this we stop abusing ourselves for not being perfect or having it all figured out. We realize that it’s possible to have peace without having, doing, achieving the “right” version of reality. Here we must embrace our path, our experiences and how far we’ve truly come. Liberating ourselves from our stories, we understand that one can never truly “make it”. “Making it” only happens in the comparison with others. But we are one. Setting one image up against another is frankly outdated, abusive and corrodes the possibility of experiencing ones truth, that one already is and always will be EVERYTHING that is happening. Comparison only happens in dreamland. It can only happen when the present moment is not recognized in the truth of what it is. When all is seen as who you are, there cannot be anymore comparison.

The eclipses invite us into a commitment to that which is most authentic and true for us. This is the end of lies. Are we ready to be just as we are? Here the control dissolves, no longer attempting or even able to hold onto the image of a lie.

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  1. victoria lovett says:

    Thank you Kate for all your videos. your words are very clear and insightful.
    big hug and lots of love


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