awakeningI have enrolled myself in a spiritual foundations class. This course is an 11 week series at my spiritual center, based on Science of Mind principles, and focuses on false belief patterns, affirmative mind treatments or prayer and creating a desirable reality. The reason that I have decided to take this course is because I’ve come to a crossroads in my life, where every aspect of my perception of reality is being transformed. I have made the decision to own my personal power, invest in my spiritual growth and break out of false belief patterns.

The foundations course is one of my favorite parts of the week. Since the class, many things have come up for me. Many people enter self help resources like this and end up opening a can of worms. The heavy emotions that a deep exploration of the self elicits can be overwhelming, difficult to process and disruptive. For me, I am taking the class with my lover, who has been a critical force in my spiritual growth and personal development. After recently experiencing debilitating and undesirable emotions, I went through a typical cycle. Difficult emotions tend to sneak up on me. They come out when someone triggers my false beliefs related to my self worth, my ability to create my reality, or self-love issues. This can be something seemingly insignificant like a tone of voice, or something greater like someone’s behavior. None the less, these are EXTERNAL triggers, that oppress me. The cycle tends to unravel first with me shutting down, then experiencing confusion, then attempting to make myself feel good with exercise, affirmations or people. Eventually, I feel stuck, confused and guilty that I am not the perfect human that I desire to be.

During this process I forget about a few things. First, I forget about the fact that all is God. Since all is God, all is love. Therefore my seemingly undesirable experience, is acceptable, necessary and a part of God. Second, I forget that I am dealing with my MIND and that my mind is NOT the real me. Therefore, I am identifying with stories and judgements that have found a home in my pain body. After meditating on this phenomenon, I’ve decided to share my findings.

The human exists through multiple personalities, and at any given time the human is one of the 4 personalities that I will describe below. Moreover, as we are in a state of one of these personalities, we are interacting with another person who is also in a state of one of these personalities as well. These personalities are 4 different levels of consciousness. Please do not see them as separate, but rather like building blocks, with one being at the lower level and four being the highest. Once you have experienced each level with utmost awareness, you will be able to heal yourself and your environment, manifest different desires and experience the fullness of Kundalini rising.

Personality #1
This is a third dimensional reality. It is the mind, the chatter. It is the physical experience. It is us talking, interacting, eating, experiencing physical sensations and enjoying the outer reality. This is when we are most in separation and judgement. In this personality, we are like a sponge soaking in the collective consciousness and predominant vibrations of our environments and relationships. I like to think of this personality as a little cluttered and messy. We are not yet aware of our behavioral patterns or subconscious beliefs. This personality contains more thoughts and assimilations than feelings and is extremely reactive.

Personality #2
We rise out of the first personality here into a personality that contains our deeply embedded beliefs. This is the level of a seeker. An individual is more contemplative here and is making attempts to transform diet, self-image, their thinking and relationships to better and improve their life. This personality is acting out the lower, NOT higher aspect of the ego. This personality contains a deep level emotional consciousness, where the human is searching for resolution and a way to process their feelings. It is a difficult level, as when it is not transmuted, the human will stay bound within this personality and experience pain, stuckness, confusion, frustration and fear, wanting to move out of it, but not yet elevating towards mastery over their thoughts. Personality #1 and Personality #2 are consistently working off of one another, building upon themselves and triggering one another.

Personality #3
At this level, the human is at the level of the alchemist. He has already gone through the stage of affirmative thinking and personal transformation, he is beginning to let things go more easily, forgive, and the heart space is beginning to expand while old hurts and destructive habits are falling away. In this personality, we are a conscious creator of our reality, we have a strong personal power and are transmuting quite quickly earthly elements. This is the home of the higher Ego, the creative self, and we are watching our manifestations consciously.

Personality #4
At this level, everything is transformed. Action should ONLY be taken from this personality/level. This personality is beyond the mind completely. This is a level of pure awareness and observation. It is presence, beingness, witnessing, accepting all as it is. At this level pure light is able to interact with us freely, as it lives unbound in the higher planes of consciousness. Prayers, desires, miracles and healings are actualizing almost instantly, one is fully embodies within the I AM.

Please note: you exist in these personalities. You can not be one forever, as the human experience is not designed this way. My attempt with this post is to encourage self exploration, acceptance of the NOW moment and a deep, devoted meditation practice of one hour or longer. In the last personality, you will be a Master of reality. It is possible to see each level on the appearance of one’s face. If you study your own face and the face of others you will see clearly the personality which you are dealing with.


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