new-moonToday is a powerful day. In sum, it is the new moon solar eclipse, on the cusp of Pisces and Aries, as well as the Spring Equinox. Welcome to a completely new energetic blueprint. I believe I have written about this before, but the human exists in a completely new energetic make up. Our DNA has been completely transformed, and is still going through changes. As we receive these massive surges of light energy, or “upgrades”, it is typical that we will feel run down, tired and sick – as the body is integrating the new shifts.

For those that are skeptics, you may be wondering “What does all this mean!?” As we moved into the Age of Aquarius, the purifier, we left the dreamy and idealistic, illusion-driven age of Pisces. This new age has been revolutionized by technology. We no longer use our brains in the same capacity as we have in the past. As you know thought creates form, and the nature of our thought has shifted. As such, the nature of what survival means has also been shifted. Our behaviors have become driven much more by cerebral activity and rational thinking, than instinct and physical strength. This is a major shift. We are aligning with an intellectual universe. All that is, is pure intelligence that comes from a pure source driven by one thing, and one thing only: evolution. The key is to understand that the universe is evolving into Love.

The universe has only ONE single intention. No other reason for existence other than driving itself into greater and greater expressions of universal love. The universe is out of control with this mission. It is evolving so incredibly quickly into this new love-based reality, that humanity is just barely catching up with our awareness of what is happening. The human has made great leaps in the evolution of consciousness to catch up to the universe, but this evolution happened first as a whole – meaning, that the universe evolves first and then the human gets their “upgrade” in consciousness.

We live in a “Feeling” universe. The universe is intelligent. It is alive. It is responsive. It acts upon the forces that govern it. In and of itself it is completely self sufficient and driven by its need to create. As it creates, it must destroy as we live in a reality of polarity and opposites. SO, what does all this have to do with today? Today is a pivotal shift for those that are consciously in the midst of either desiring a new creation, or already creating it. We can only create through feeling. If we do not allow ourselves to feel life on deep levels, we cannot expect to align with universal law or flow. AS we begin to align with creation and start cultivating, and bringing universal intelligence to life, we release and let go of many expectations, inhibitions, and fixed ideas. This new moon solar eclipse drives us into bringing our ideas to fruition. Pisces is the territory of ideas, where as Aries is the sign of initial causes or movements into manifestation. On top of this we have the Spring Equinox, which is symbolic for the flowering of our ideas and the manifestation of their full expression on all levels.

This new energy of creation that is revealing itself to us, is desperate for continual creation. It asks us to create and to destroy ceaselessly. It literally cannot survive without this process. This might feel almost overwhelming or exhausting, until we realize our “I AM ness” or the deep innermost feelings of our desires, which are transient and continually shifting based on the time of day, our thoughts, feelings and experiences. There is absolutely no force used in “I Am ness” we are not attached to “positive thinking”, outcomes or results, healing, “life purpose” etc. We are entering a period almost like a channeling of universal love, where we process an emotion, we experience it as love, we give it life and release it right away.

What I am describing above, is the cycle of this new age. It is occurring at a very deep, genetic and inherent level. It is the responsibility of our free will to use our consciousness in this co-creation process. As we do so, this “feeling universe” which I am describing, begins to respond with incredible bursts of divine love and light. This is its expression of grace and gratitude, as experienced in our physical bodies, minds and at deep energetic levels. In sum, I ask my dear readers, to take this energy lightly and just allow it to move through you with awareness and love. Tune into your feelings, give them an outlet immediately and let them go.

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