sunsetThere’s so much pleasure in spirituality. In believing one can change what is. This is so extremely addicting that for many people they will spend their whole lives seeking and never make it into what’s really happening, into seeing things as they really are. This seeking also makes it extremely easy to cover up what’s happening or being felt as suffering. So what’s really appearing is never really recognized. The whole path of figuring life out and attempting to change it through things like the law of attraction, prayer, ritual, mind treatments and any number of concepts is so addicting. One will sometimes get what they’re after and be tricked into believing that their concept worked, that they were actually able to change what was happening. While the whole time what was truly happening is missed.

The seeker can only claim and acquire. And it can be extremely addicting – the “getting it” like sonic and video game coins, one after another to make it to another level to finish the game of life on top, as a winner of freedom, peace and love. It’s a complete illusion. God is a complete illusion. This message hurts the seeker; repulses them. Humanity has been trained and programed into authority, and the energy which appears as separate is a shoe in for a conceptual God, a higher power. It believes that something called God, which they can use, will make them feel super good and super complete. This God will supposedly save one from themselves and bring one home. This is a God that lives in the separate self.

The true home is always in what’s happening. To attempt to cover up the truth in what’s happening with prayers or hope for a better outcome is to use “God” to try to control life into giving you more pleasure. I’m NOT saying any of this is wrong. I’m simply pointing to something that doesn’t need to be controlled into being or figured out.

Spirituality is a total finger trap, an addiction to powerlessness. The separate self is always unworthy, not good enough. That is what it is – it’s separate from things as they really are. As long as one is operating from this focal point – one will always reach towards some concept to attain completion. The whole time, that which is complete, which is everything, never needed to do this. What’s most mind blowing is that absolutely everything is complete, even the seeking. Things as they are can only appear when the operating, navigating energy shifts from not knowing what it is, to knowing completely.

The only way one could have this realization is when the identification with the seeker dies. But there’s actually nothing one can do to make this happen, other than let life do and be what ever is being and doing. In this the seeker will collapse eventually. But the seeker hears this and tries to “let things be”. This is NOT talking about doing anything, because doing this is impossible, it can’t be done. It just happens. A collapse into everything that’s happening, just happens. Some people want to call this “being present” to life, to the lights flickering, the morning birds singing, the argument appearing, the colors in the sky fading, the love being made, the faculty of decision making happening, the floor creaking – but this is not talking about presence. Presence is appearing in it. If it can be figured out, it’s not it. This is beyond a figuring out.

In this everything appears as perfect, including that which is appearing as imperfect. So, simultaneously, along with the realization of true self, one has the realization of what everything is and that’s precisely why the desire to change, modify or judge what’s appearing begins to dissolve. The impossibility of this message is that the separate self can’t hear it. It will only try to claim it and use it as another vessel to attempt to change what is. None-the-less, either attraction or repulsion to what’s beyond these words will appear and whatever is happening is eternally perfect.

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