birdThe separate self is the identification with thought. This self is not aware of things how they really are. Most sorrowfully, it does not recognize what it, itself, really is. The separate self is in constant struggle inside black and white. It wants to posses an answer; it wants to claim, control and cage whatever is happening because it does not realize that only One Life exists and that this life is free, unbound and happening to itself and by itself. This separate energy is not and cannot ever find peace. Thoughts about this, or about anything, can never give it peace, because this energy can only try to find peace in thought, which is separate. Peace, or love or freedom is what is happening beyond the thoughts about what is.

When the separate self dissolves – thought does not dissolve. Identification with thought dissolves. An incredible presence arises and this presence is the equivalent of the feeling of coming home to ones true home. It is the coming home to things as they really are. One of the most beautiful things about this experience is that, once one realizes what they really are, they simultaneously realize what everything is. This is the ULTIMATE purification.

Life reveals itself here as astoundingly pure. Everything also reveals itself as completely free. It is this freedom that is becoming aware of itself and actually falling in love with its own beauty. So much so, that it dissolves fully into love (or appreciation) and never suffers agin. Most incredible is that one meets themselves for the very first time, as they really are, which is love in love. TO meet yourself, to meet life, like this is to never, ever be afraid of pain again.

I am NOT writing about this to encourage anybody to have this experience or to even seek it. This is the complete opposite understanding of this message. This is being written about to possibly be heard by love itself, which lives in the presence and surrender to everything that’s happening just as it is. This is about love waking up. This is about love falling in love with itself. This is about coming home.

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