seekerCrystals, cards, prayers, yoga ,meditation, raw food, rituals, channeling, religion, automatic writing, practices…these are pathways for the seeker to find spiritual fulfillment. I, like so many other yogis and teachers, am a seeker. I do not have the answer. I also don’t think anyone else does. What I’ve learned through the use of consciousness is that the Great Spirit works in mysterious ways. It does not reveal to us everything, and instead unravels self-evident Truths, that are timeless in the here and NOW, in creative ways. To the degree that we are aware of, we can then follow the pull of these beautiful pathways or Truths and experience more and more conscious creation and ultimately, union, with all that is.

It would be a lie to say that I’ve come to this conclusion on my own. I have earned this wisdom through great devotion and have come to integrate it with the use of mysticism. As I expand farther and farther into the limitless, I see myself wanting less and less. I become more agreeable to things that typically don’t agree with me, like a disruption of my routine, or an argument with my lover, or an unfulfilled desire. These things don’t mean so much to me anymore, because they just are as they are, and I am as I am. I also find myself wanting less and less spiritual material and practice.

As part of my practices, I have thirstily drank from almost every spiritual pathway that has ever revealed itself to me. I cherish great teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Neal Donald Walsch, Thích Nhất Hạnh, Ascension Pioneers, nature, journaling, Science of Mind, Catholic Prayers, Falun Dafa, Angels and Guides and so many other beautiful wise revealers of Truth. Of course, none has been so great as the simple, small and still voice that dreams within me.

This voice comes to me through the simplest desire, through the most quiet statement, through an act of reverence, when I am mindful enough to say “Reveal Thyself to Me.” And I wait, patiently, sometimes, sadly, angrily, anxiously, joyfully, proudly. In my waiting my cup is always filled. I am never left empty in this moment. This connection never fails to come through when I ask for it. It never holds back, it never gives me a condition, it never fails to renew my thought.

And so, my blog today, is to encourage you to see whether this is true for you. Maybe love and oneness, healing and light really are as simple as just asking for it and waiting patiently. Maybe there doesn’t need to be an elaborate ritual, a beautiful prayer, an expensive crystal, a psychic, an intense life experience or a long drawn out yoga session. Maybe we truly can just have Nirvana right here, right now.

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