This is a dead end question, in a sense, because it stems from a misunderstanding of non dual consciousness.

The concept of the loss of a non dual state is simply the return of the captivation with thought. Therefore, the apparent loss of a non dual state is, firstly, an impossibility, for nothing has been lost. When Consciousness, or Self appears to return to the act of mesmerizing itself with thought, or the world of form, most often this is referred to as the return of the “I”, or the ego.

This misunderstanding and erroneous misinterpretation of the expected non dual state is seen as one of the greatest obstacles to a full non dual recognition, and it’s corresponding expression.

The return of the enthrallment with thought is not a mistake. Rather, it is a very necessary and integral process of non dual consciousness, attempting to learn about and inform the world of the “I” or form about its illusory, yet unlimited, and indestructible nature.

In fact, thought, most often, becomes amplified post the revelation of the Self, therefore that which is deemed a mistake is “what is” and is therefore an absolute necessity.

“Flip Flopping” is a time of deep and profound insight, during which the deconstruction of time, identity, fear and desire begins to unravel. There is no real inherent purpose or goal to this apparent process. In fact, it is as fine as mist, as intangible as a ghost, and as illusory as a dream. However, its implications are profound and significant, for they forever and internally reorient and shift consciousness, which is the world. For the “I” and the world, are not two.

There is no teaching that can bring the non dual consciousness about, for any true teaching originates from the river of life of which everything is a part of, and therefore returns the apparent seeker back to itself, back to its formless origin, back to life.

Nothing is gained in this process whatsoever, rather it is everything that is abandoned.

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