Once the truth of who you are is seen – the stories won’t work anymore. Nothing can remain hidden by them. Life becomes unfiltered. Who you think you are doesn’t want the truth. It doesn’t truly want to wake up. It’s addicted to another moment, to a place that’s better than right here. It’s addicted to getting another day of seeking. It’s addicted to tomorrow, to time. The separateness uses “out there” to fill it’s dream. It uses time to find a sense of completion in order to validate it’s dream. It uses people, places, experiences and ideas to solidify it’s unsolid sense of self. Where are you? Can you find yourself? You aren’t really here. You’re appearing as a thought. There’s only life happening, there’s only this. The dream desires the house, the family, the money, the success. And the search can be really beautiful and pleasurable. A sobering truth is being referenced. Who you think you are is just a thought appearing in time. Life dreamt you up.

Upon the seeing of one’s true nature, there is no escape from what’s truly happening – which is an infinite void of space arising in form. This is a love affair. It might be bloody, depressed, angry, it’s likely playing out a strong conditioning, but eventually it will have to face the bottomless pit  of the unknown. Either here and now or in physical death.

This death is what’s being avoided in the non-recognition of true self, this avoidance of a continual death into the unknown. Thoughts and identification isn’t interested in the unknown, it’s interested in getting what it wants. This is a functioning of a mechanism. As you notice it, you will notice it’s happening on its own. Within this mechanism’s wiring, seeking appears and attempts to validate it’s existence. It’s not really after the truth, it’s after a road map towards acquiring feelings that it believes will make it whole.

Wholeness is the result of the recognition of your non-existence. IT is an energetic shift into the unknown. In this mechanism the “I” is an experience of claiming appearances. “I” recognizes phenomena and form and attributes the movement of consciousness into thoughts and energetic sensations “I am_________enlightened…………..more at peace………etc. IT pulls all of life into a focal point to cling to it’s sense of existence.

You’re not really here.. You’re not the looking, the seeing, the hearing and the speaking. Those appearances are happening on their own and completely unbound and independent of “I”. There is only life here. “I” fills the unknown, the emptiness with itself in order to experience itself.

If you’re merely hearing these words and mentally understanding them, you run the risk of passivity. Yet, the actual seeing of this, is much more than the end of seeking, it’s the death of you and the death of “other”. It is a complete energetic collapse.

You don’t get here to this realization, because there was only ever this. A “you” “getting” “it” would imply a subject and object relationship, which only appears in the dream.

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  1. Brenda Sako says:

    I just spent a great deal of my day reading most of your posts. They came to me exactly as I needed them. They speak Truth so eloquently. Truth seems to reveal itself through many unique voices and it’s wonderful having such easy access to them. Thank you for your contributions.


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