infinity 2For so many of us, we feel that moving on, letting go and starting over brings us a new chapter. We revel in meeting new people, trying new things, starting new projects, traveling to new places and releasing our pasts. New chapters are some of the most wonderful parts of life, so it is natural that most of us spend a lifetime waiting for or chasing them. Why is it that starting over feels so good?

The human carries all of their experiences in their subconscious & conscious memory, cellular memory, aura and electromagnetic field. We carry the energies of both pain and pleasure everywhere we go and share them with every single person, place or thing that we come into contact with. The painful experiences carry much density, making us feel very heavy and motivated to move on. We spend our lives letting go of pain, in order to find pleasure based on the reactions we have to what we’re carrying around. Furthermore, we are layering on vibrational matches to these experiences. This means that your experience of a break up, job loss or any other problem will merge with someone else’s experience of that same thing, in so much as you are aware of this person’s experience. You are ultimately a conglomerate of these various energies, which co-mingle in your inner reality to eventually produce an action that is equal to the predominant belief that you have created from this mass of exchanges.

This should not make you feel overwhelmed, but rather it should acquit you from feeling like a prisoner of your emotions and mind. If your consciousness is a continuation of your life experiences, then where you are now is the sum of what you have experienced. This produces the realization that you are blessed, because everything that makes you, you has brought you right where you are now. The now gives you complete and total freedom to choose what the next moment will be. This choice is the seat of self mastery and personal power. Once you realize that nothing new never, ever begins but rather you are building within the one continuous moment of now, you are able to see life through a new lens. You begin to experience the beautiful movement of time as timeless, beyond confines. Even your fears don’t exist in the now, because you’re in the moment. You are the moment. You are here.

Each and every one of our experiences will virtually never, ever leave us. You can never really start over. While we have repetitive though patters that determine predictable behaviors regardless of what the new chapter is, we will always have the opportunity to bring into the present moment our whole, full and complete self. Rather than discarding our past like a full trash bag, we should unravel before ourselves a treasure chest of opportunity, a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and a trust in the present moment. As we move into 2015, many of us are desperate to start over with a new diet, a new partner, a new job, a new person. Yes! We should embrace these changes. But know that once you move forward, your whole self is coming. Call yourself home. Get to know who you are intimately. Do not be at war any longer. Do not leave your soul on your doorstep in a snowstorm, when there’s a warm fire burning in your heart.

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