mirror2When we glorify others’ achievements, wisdom and happiness, we do so because a part of us gets inspired and healed. We then tend to attach ourselves to the life of this person or persons, wishing to emulate their lifestyles, perspectives and achievements. We begin to exert heavy amounts of focus onto what they do, what they have to say and who they are. This is a primary form of escapism, served to us through the internet, through films, through magazines and the news. While I do find much value in the “higher vibrational forms” of escapism, such as the sharing of wisdom, I’d like to address this issue at it’s core.

When we learn and gain wisdom from outside sources, even this blog, we cheat ourselves of the opportunity to source our own inner knowingness. We depart farther and farther away from our own intuition and our own deep wellspring of knowledge. While wisdom is a deep, ancient and profound knowingness of Truth, knowledge in itself is the application of this wisdom and thus a movement towards growth, evolution and self-mastery. When we find idols, teachers, and gurus to follow, most of us will get attached, finding their wisdom and presence to fill our own inner void of the seeker. Everyone still in the phase of the seeker has yet to learn self mastery. Self mastery will not come without the abandonment of all idols, all teachings, all practices. Imagine holding a cup, which you’re ready to have filled because you’re thirsty. You walk up to the barista and ask for water. The barista picks up a big water jug and begins to fill the cup–first half way, then to the brim and then continues to fill your cup as it begins to overflow. Seeking wisdom outside of yourself is like standing there and continuing to fill an overflowing cup with water.

As we continue taking in more and more information we slowly get lost in a matrix of ideas, feelings and fantasies. We become attached to the beautiful, attractive, peaceful and successful people because we have failed to acknowledge and self realize those qualities within ourselves. We have become co-dependent on feeding ourselves these feelings that these individuals arise in us, because we do not yet believe that we can achieve those things in our real life. We continue living out the fantasy of the teacher, the artist, the entrepreneur, the enlightened one getting farther and farther away from our Truth. Admiration and fascination are natural and bring much possibility to inspire and uplift us, but most of us never elevate to the level of self-actualizing the qualities that our idols represent for us because we can’t distinguish fantasy from reality. We become attached to actually living those qualities out through an external source.

Only when we are ready to completely cut away all sources, practices and people from which we consciously or subconsciously seek self-realization with, are we able to truly and completely begin sourcing sacred wisdom. This wisdom is 100% unique and personal to you and your own soul imprint, no one can impart it to you form the outside. It cannot be reproduced and understood by any source outside of you. It is your inner guidance, your inner destiny coming forth to meet you and bring you fully into the light of that which you are seeking.

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