There is a distinct difference between action that arises from a dualistic expression, versus action that arises from non dualism. In fact, action arising from a non dual expression, is non-action.

At the core of experience, even what was just written (action vs. non action) is a story, for what’s happening is what’s happening. But for the sake of being able to speak/write on this subject, I must use language which is already a dualistic story.

Moving on…

Many people on the non dual path, look to non duality to facilitate seeking, not end it. This isn’t your fault, or anyone’s fault. And you’ve done nothing wrong. These are simply shifts, waves, functions of the mind or dualistic expression. They are inherently innocent, just simply trapped in a sense of “me”, within the game of seeking for fulfillment in time.

Unless one is willing to experience anything, there will be bondage.

This body at one time mastered the art of moving on.

Moving on to new experiences, new jobs, new people, new places, new homes, next, next, next. It was never enough. It was never it. It attained it’s version of the perfect lover, perfect body and appearance, perfect spiritual practice, perfect job, perfect location…and then again, the attention would fixate on something new to grasp for…next, next, next.

The “me” goes so far, and so deep into this game, that it completely looses touch with reality, and finds non duality as an attempt to come back home. This game factors into the only game it knows: looking for home.

Now, this is simply what appears to be happening. However, non duality is no more the Truth, or home, than the seeking for home in the lover or the money, because Truth doesn’t actually exist. That would imply Falsity. Two. (Same dilemma as action vs. non action).

So, in a way, anything that is written about the truth, or an end to seeking, does nothing. For home is a dream, one could never make it back, as home has never been left in the first place.

Home was, is, and always will be what’s appearing.

When the “me” uses non duality to seek for home, most often what it will do as a part of this process is cut itself off from its humanity (yes, I watch the Vampire Diaries – I’m on Season 5 😉

The cutting off of one’s humanity is perceived as a return home. When I no longer feel pain, when fear no longer paralyzes me, when I no longer get angry, when I no longer desire to leave, when I finally become abundant, when I finally make it…

There is no making it. There is no home. There is no right, no wrong. Even the cutting off the humanity isn’t wrong, I’m simply describing an appearance here.

Do you see? Home is only ever what’s happening, and what’s happening is what’s happening. So how could you leave or come home?

If one has had a sufficient amount of spiritual programing it will even believe that clarity is home. But if clarity comes and goes, is it a reliable source for you to call home?

How long can we run from ourselves, and hide? How much war can we rage against what’s happening before we finally stop and refuse to move?

There will always be another way. You can endlessly think, “There will be another teacher, I’ll find another country. I’ll find another spot in nature. I’ll find another lover. I’ll find another job. I’ll have another child. I’ll get rid of this body. I’ll take another body.” You will think of many, various strategies, until finally just as the buddha did, you will say: “I will not move from here. I have tried all doctrines, all practices, all modes, and I find them all limited.” Perhaps, they each helped at a certain stage, but finally you refuse to move. ~ Gangaji

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