What is being pointed to in non duality, can never describe what is. It can only describe what is not.

That’s because what is, is not actually known.

What is being described in non duality is not two. What is not.

Not you and I.
Me and my friend.
Me and my lover.
Me and my anger.
Me and my thought.

Dualism is set up based on the premise of the subject and the object to which the subject is looking at. Moreover, it presupposes that…

“If you and I are separate, I don’t actually know you. Therefore, it’s possible that you can hurt me, abandon me, reject me, cast me out, make me unworthy, take my wealth, my lover, my home.”

In this dynamic, the other person is bound, as are we, by our individual fears and desires, likes and dislikes, our judgements of what is good and what is bad.

The origin of this judgement is from genetic, societal, cultural, religious, and primal predispositions or programs that aim to possess selective traits that are deemed superior, and therefore necessary for the survival of the human race.

Beautiful people.
Kind people. Good people.
Sane people. Intelligent people.
People who follow rules, people who are creative.
People who have money. People who make us feel good.

This is not a framework we operate in consciously, these are deeply energetic frequencies that simply govern duality.

Unfortunately, while this is an intelligent set up in one sense, it undoubtedly fails us at some point, because where there is dualism, there is always conflict.

We are seeing this in the political climate – left and right.

In the race wars – black and white.

In the virus – vaccinated and healthy, vs not vaccinated and sick.

Class warfare – rich and poor.

This is the dream that is being woken up from in non duality.

When you look into my eyes, your mind automatically begins to create the illusion of “Kate”. Or your child, or your husband or wife, or friend, or boss or whomever.

But actually, you are looking into the eyes of life.

You’re meeting God.

The other person, in actuality, is a total mystery.

The mind gives this person a name, an age, an origin, a personality, a race, a nationality, a story. This person is then categorized as either a threat or not. Categorized within the belief structures of Good and Bad. We then operate the relationship based on navigating whether the person can live up to our hopes and dreams for them.

If they cannot, we withdraw love. We take away our presence.

The mind does this because it is petrified of what it is looking at. It is petrified of the other.

It is also terrified of an unknowable, unpredictable mysterious Being that emanates the other.

In this same way, it refuses to look into its own Being.

When it looks at it’s own Being or the Being of the other, it touches that which is timeless. That which dissolves the barrier of one and two.

It falls into an infinite void. It energetically dies.

When you look into being, you are seeing the end of yourself. You are seeing your own awakening.

This looking isn’t a seeking, or something you decide to do.

It is already what is happening naturally, beneath the activity of beliefs, judgements, and mind games.

It is already what is.

This looking is coming from the direct place that is being looked for.
This looking is coming from a place of no answers. It is coming from silence.

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